Anastasia Essentials Organized Expressions

Organized Expressions means: Get always the expression that you want!

Organized expressions allow you to:
- Apply a full face expression or its mirror
- Move only the eyes and brows, or apply their mirrored eyes and brows
- Change the lips and mouth only, mirrored or not
- Mix and match expressions, and get the look you want!

Combine and mix them for maximum expressiveness...Now for GND Anastasia!

- 55 full face expressions for Anastasia (30 full + 25 mirrored)
- 47 eyes and brows partial expressions for Anastasia (30 partials +17 mirrored)
- 47 mouth and lips partial expressions for Anastasia (30 partials +17 mirrored)
- 3 Zero expressions (1 full + 2 partials) that remove any previously applied expression

152 expressions counting full+partials and their mirrors.

Get them here:  Anastasia Essentials Organized Expressions

-Emma Alvarez-

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