Frame Me Baby!

My latest product: Frame Me Baby!

Also available for prime for $3.5

Create endless scenes with this useful set: pinups, frame body parts, make fun portraits, use for surreal dreams and fantasies, imaginative framing of landscape details, gothic and horror scenes, phantoms and zombies going out from paintings, magic spells, fun greetings and messages, fashion and model renders...
The possibilities are unlimited!!!

Assorted single and couple poses for V4 + Frame figure + Frame poses + 12 frame mats + 15 cameras + poser utility to parent the frame to V4 + utility to set frame shadows on/off!

You can find it here: Frame Me Baby! 

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

LOL What a cute concept! Good job, you guys!



Emma Alvarez said...

It was a very difficult pack :D It seems a nonsense but to match the frame with V4 and all that was tedious! LOL!

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