Rain Of Petals

A classic! The rain of falling petals: you've seen it in romantic scenes, fantasy scenes of unicorns, cinema classics and pinups...
Now you can have it to fill the images of your imagination!
Also available for Prime for $3.50
Textures made from photos of real petals, realistic and sweet...

Very efficient and realistic, and lightweight, you can fill a big scene with hundreds of petals and renders fast!

Use for pinup, romance, fantasy scenes... A must have in your Runtime!!!

Get it here: Rain Of Petals for Poser and DAZ Studio

This Pack includes:
- Standalone figures of petals in 15 groupings: 5 big groups of falling petals, 5 small groups, 5 on the floor
- 7 Mat poses: Red, White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Blue petals
- 3 already made Preload files that load a bunch of petal groups together: group of fallen petals, falling rain, and petals path
- Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

Get it here: Rain Of Petals for Poser and DAZ Studio

-Emma Alvarez-

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