We Merged Our Stores

My husband and I joined our stores at Renderosity, changing the name to EmmaAndJordi.

Why did we do this? I started my shop at Renderosity 4 years ago with my name (emmaalvarez), and some time later I encouraged Jordi to open his (he used the name of his website,hiperia3d, and later -Jordi-). But because my shop was already well known, it remained that way.

But as everyone who met us knows, Jordi and I can't be separated :), we've been together since 20 years ago. We've created together, and all the time I've been sticking my nose in his products, and he's been sticking his nose into mine LOL! So we split the percentage of sales in 75% / 25% sometimes and others 25% / 75%

With the passing of time we realized that this politic had lots of drawbacks: to make bundles, sales, ads... Everything was split in two. Everything had turned in something tedious and without sense.

So we joined the stores and the name, inseparable in all the facets of our lives :)

Now everything stays the same but better! A big hug for everyone!

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

The merger sounds like a wonderful idea! Since you are so close in everything else, why not in business? LOL
Blessings to you both! May your new venture reap more rewards than you can imagine!


Emma Alvarez said...

Oh yes Su each day we feel that was an excellent idea :) And I said why we didn't make this before... But well all has a sense one way or another...
Thank you my friend your positive energy reaches us!

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