Romantika Organized Poses For V4

Elaborated, elegant, versatile new pack of poses.
Organized Poses means: Get always the pose that you want!

30%Off as launch price !! Get them now!

Get them here: Romantika Organized Poses For V4

Organized poses allow you to:
- Apply a full body pose or its mirror, get a one-click inspiring pose!
- Move only the upper or lower part of the body, combine them with others
- Change the position of the arms, legs, or head with 1 click
- Choose one of the many hand positions included
- Make the eyes look to where you want
- Reset to zero the full body or some body parts only
- Mix and match poses, and get the look you want!

- 60 full body poses (30 unique + 30 derived mirrors)
- 60 upper body poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 60 lower body poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 60 head and neck poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 120 arm poses (60 for left arm + 60 mirrors for right arm)
- 120 leg poses (60 for left leg + 60 mirrors for right leg)
- 60 hand poses (to be used in left or right hand)
- 60 eyes poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 11 zero poses to restore neutral position of each part

611 poses counting full/mirror and partials with mirrors and zeroes.

Get them here: Romantika Organized Poses For V4

-Emma Alvarez-

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