Betty Boop is top fashion

It's not strange to see in any shop of the world an object with the image of Betty Boop. She is synonym of glamour. Her sexy and retro image captivates many people.

Betty Boop was born in 1929. In the beginning, she wasn't like is known today. Grim Natwich, the creator of Betty, draw 2 dogs. One of them was Bimbo (that stayed as a dog forever), the other was Bimbo's girlfriend, a french poodle (in the future will be Betty) .
Natwitch, not pleased with the result of the Bimbo girlfriend (he thought that was quite ugly) , made some changes. The dog ears were replaced for a hoop earrings and her poodle fur became a bob haircut and her body was changed to a sexy woman. The Betty surname came from "Boop oop a Doop" a film who converted Betty in a star.

Max Fleyser saw in Betty a real gold mine. Her innocence and sensuality turned Betty in one of the first characters of a sexy woman in cartoons. Betty was an independent and sexy woman, and that was a novelty. Before Betty, when a sexy woman appeared in a cartoon, it was in reality a man in disguise.
The sensual voice of Betty was of the actress Mae Quest. Betty Boop cartoons included big stars of Jazz as the bands of Louis Armstrong or Rudy Vallee.

In 1940 the members of USA armed forces used to read her cartoons, and watched her films in their barracks. There were a big amount of planes with the name and face of Betty Boop painted over them. So Betty Boop became the bride of America.

Betty Boop is the origin of many sexy stereotypes like the waitress, baby-sitter, teacher... But the best of Betty is her wit and tenderness, that makes her to be remembered until our days.

-Emma Alvarez-

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