Women in film

The author of "Women in art", Philip Scott Johnson, gets to amaze us again with another surprising work: "Women in film", where he makes a travel through time and shows us some important actress since the white and black films until our days.
Enjoy this great video:

With this video I want to celebrate a award that was given to me. The award is:

I am very happy because the person that has given me this award is the excellent photographer, Susanne Van Hulst. When an award comes from such a woman like she, one can be proud of it.

As it is tradition I give the award Rockin' Blogger to:

- Expressions In Color: A dreaming site full of magic and poetry. This blog is like a good wine, to be tasted slowly.

- The Crazy News: Sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes amazes you, or even worry, but it never leaves you indifferent.

- Hippocampus Hi-Jinx: Julian Bennett has a sane craziness that makes him to be a different and true character.

- Cariboo Ponderer: Vic Grace transports you where she lives, and you can travel through her eyes.

- Incurable Insomniac: Steph Waller has a captivating, interesting and intelligent blog. But the best of it is her perfect style of writing.

Congratulations to these bloggers. They do a very outstanding work, and I think that they deserve this award.

-Emma Alvarez-

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jOolian said...

Ola Emma :: Once again, many many many Thanx for the Award. i blush, ahhhhhh...and, i dig yer take on me lil'old spot in this giNormous world-O-blogs!!! Thank you soooo mucha Emma, you do Rock, keep it rawwwk'n harder. ~julian

Emma Alvarez said...

I'm glad you have liked your award. You give colour to my blog, and I am happy to have you as reader.

jOolian said...

hi Emma ... yer so sweet! ~Need more Emma's in the world~
I'm gonna get the lil'Icon in, and then gotta make me selections, i'm just working tooooooo(x8)hrs with work, and keep screwing up tryin' quick posts... Thanx Emma, you are truly kind!!! ~julian
*Ha, i love what you said about me/my blog, awesome... ;-}

Jessica said...

I love the women in art and the women in movies vidoes...the morphing is so cool.

Mirage Chopper said...

Emma, I don't know how to thank you enough for the award. Coming from you, this is truly an honor.

Steph said...

Thank you so much! Your blog is so beautiful, as are your thoughtful and sensitives posts.

Thanks again,

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much.I feel that I chose well when I gave the awards.

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