The most famous kiss in the world

Auguste Rodin is the author of The Kiss, probably the most famous kiss in the world. In an origin, this artwork was a small sculpture, part of a bronze portal made by Rodin called "The Gates of Hell". So we can tell that the most famous kiss was given at the gates of Hell.

The statue is based in the character of Francesca da Rimini, who appears in the book "Dante's Inferno". Francesca was in love with the brother of her husband, Paolo. When they were reading a book about Lancelot and Ginebra, Francesca's husband discovered the lovers and killed them. So, in the statue, Paolo has a book in his hand.

When they saw it, the French Government liked so much The Kiss that asked Rodin for a big size version in marble. The statue was so popular and people liked it so much, that Auguste Rodin was asked to make as much small statues of bronze as he could make. Private collectors even asked for big size versions of the Kiss for themselves.

"The Thinker" was another statue that was in "The Gates of Hell", and also very much liked by the big public. So it was made a version in bigger size.

These gates (The Gates of Hell) were going to be for an art museum in Paris. But the project was canceled and these gates remained in Rodin's studio until the death of the artist. The Gates of Hell were modified by Rodin during all his life. Someone said that this artwork was used by Rodin to make reflections about the human essence.

The Kiss is a really enchanting sculpture. It's an statue that is difficult to stop watching to. Thanks to its beauty and to the favour of the public, we can tell that lovers finally were freed and stayed kissing far away from Hell, and for all eternity.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Anonymous said...

I like very much the statue, and I had no idea of the story about the gate and the Thinker. Your blog is great and one learns many things here!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you. Sometimes one doesn't know what is behind a very known artwork. And sometimes there is a good story waiting to be discovered.

Robert said...

What a great blog, varied and interesting.
I have over the years got very familiar with Rodin and his work. I have studied his techniques, his ideas, the pressures he was under from so many people and institutions for personal interest. I will not deny his genius in the work or any other but it is not very passionate is it? By this I do not imply that it needs to be more risqué, I just mean these two people don’t seem to love each other as we did when young. I just think he missed it in this one. Sadly “the times” forbade him that; as it does now on occasions.

Emma Alvarez said...

Robert, I feel a lot of feelings in the Rodin sculptures but It's a matter of opinion :)

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