The Death awaits you in Cordoba

Once upon a time, in the medieval times of Cordoba, a nobleman and his servant were in the flea market when they meet the Death. When they saw the Death, both stayed paralyzed by fear.
And the Death made a strange grimace, pointed to them and said: "When the night comes, the Death awaits you in Cordoba", and vanished into the air.

The servant, very nervous, said to his master: "My Lord, Death pointed to me! Master, I've been always loyal to you... the Death pointed to me! I don't wanna die! I am too young, and have a wife and children..."

And the nobleman stare at him with compassion, and said: "Let's go home. Take my fastest steed, and ride, ride as far as you can before the night comes. Go far away from Cordoba, so the Death can't take you."

"Thanks, my Lord", replied the servant, "I will always be loyal to you and I will never forget this kind gesture".

When the night came, the Death knocked on the nobleman's door. And he went out and said to the Death: "You arrive too late. My servant is by this time far from Cordoba".

And the Death answered: "Your... servant? ... I was not here for your servant... I came to take you with me."

In that precise moment, the nobleman felt a strong pain in his chest, and drop dead to the floor.

In conclusion, nobody can fool the Death. And let's remember what the vikings used to say: "Nobody dies the day before".

To frame this tale, nobody is better than the Spanish Gothic artist Victoria Frances.

-Emma Alvarez-

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jOolian said...

...Oohhh... quite a griping tale mz Emma ! yes. you are so right and a fine visual/oral soliloquy!!

Emma Alvarez said...

I always liked this mysterious tale.
With out a doubt has a gothic essence.

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