Vampirism and the real Dracula. (First Part)

Bram Stoker is the author of "Dracula", the famous novel that inspired so many movies, comics and theatrical interpretations.
It is thought that the character that inspired Bram Stoker was Vlad Tepes.
There's another version that says that Stoker felt a big fascination for Erzsebet Bathory, that used to drink blood and take baths in it, seeing blood as a potion of Eternal Youth.
But let us center in the figure of Vlad Tepes.

Vlad Tepes was born in 1431 in Transylvania (Romania). He was son of Vlad Dracu, from whom comes the word Dracula (son of Dracu).
The source of his power was his cruelty. It was so enormous that gave origin to many legends. His enemies were really terrified of him. When they saw him, many ran away horrified. In numerous times, he won battles that were impossible to win. In his last battle he commanded 200 men against 20,000.

Vlad Tepes was also known as Vlad the Impaler. He used to lunch watching his victims, and used to take walks through the landscapes populated with impaled people.
I prefer not to talk about his horrible tortures, created by a demonic and diseased mind.

The Prince Vlad III the Impaler had all his people frightened, subdued to the most absurd whims. To go against his will could suppose to loose an arm, a leg, an eye... or their lives or the life of their most loved relatives or friends.

He used to burn all that was in his way, poison the enemies' water, and throw people sick of tuberculosis as a kind of biological warfare.

The origin of his castle: he invited some noblemen to a ceremonial dinner in the Easter. After the dinner, he impaled the old ones, and the young ones were condemned to rebuild a castle that was in ruins. That would be the castle of Dracula.

Bram Stoker takes these elements of Vlad Yepes: the name Dracula, the image of his castle with everything devastated around it, and his superhuman strength.

Vlad Tepes was the main figure of horrible stories of human cruelty. He was a much more terrifying being than the fiction character. Maybe one of the biggest sadists of all History.
So he has not much to do with the sophisticated, polite and seductive fiction character of Count Dracula that movies showed us so many times.

Marvel Comics published in the 70s "Tomb of Dracula", where Count Dracula is chased by Doctor Van Helsing.

The origin of the so called vampirism is present in so ancient cultures like the Egyptian or Sumerian. I will write about it in the next part of "Vampirism and the real Dracula".

-Emma Alvarez-

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nazeem said...

Dracula story is based on a real person... i was thinking it is based on vampire bats..

Emma Alvarez said...

The story of Dracula is based in a novel by the irish writer Bram Stoker, and he based his book in several real persons, and he also put some fantastic elements in his story. And the vampirism is very ancient and was in many cultures, for example the ancient egyptian. About all that I will tell you in the next part. I wish you don't miss it.

nazeem said...

can't wait for the next part :D

Emma Alvarez said...


Anonymous said...

woo..that was scaryyyy !

Emma Alvarez said...

The rulers today are scary, but a ruler like Vlad Tepes oh my Gosh...

jOolian said...

Yah... Discovery Channel or History Channel had an awesome lengthy documentary or story of the Vlad doood & how it all started ... apparently he was seriously (like yah stated) an ultra-massive sociopath/psychopath and there was something w/his dad ... i think he even over-threw his dad/family ... I’d imagine it kept most common people completely in utter freeek’d-out mode.

kewwwl finds mz emma la sol

Emma Alvarez said...

Yes Julian when I read about Vlad Tepes I finished with a stomachache...What horrible guy, what horrible tortures puagh! I have prefer don't tell a lot of macabre anecdotes, perhaps a child can read this...

chessnoid said...

This is a good timely post especially for Halloween. =)

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Brian :)

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