Before And After An Award!!!

The other day I found this video of Gollum winning the MTV Awards:

I had a big laugh. Maybe some people missed this video. I found it fun to include it here.
The reason is also to celebrate the new awards won.

I found the fun version of the Scream by Edward Munch and I couldn't resist to make this photomontage, and it's for celebrating that in a very short time I have gotten three awards.

Julian Bennet have given me two recently.

He has created the Bodacious award that he said that means:
"bow·da·cious (bo-da'sh?s), Southern & South Midland U.S. adj.: Remarkable; prodigious., Audacious; gutsy. adv.: Completely; extremely. Audaciously; boldly."
Wow! Julian thank you!!!

As it is tradition I give the award :

- CrazyKinux's Musing: Do you like games, specially Eve Online, and sci-fic? This is your site.

-Listening,Learning,Living: This blog goes about many things, curiosities, interesting news, and all with a good sense of humor.- Chessnoid: I like this site. I always end changing the textures all time...

And the another award is this:
As it is tradition I give the award :

-Staci Rose designs: I like the original jewelry and Staci shows good part of it. Imagination and talent to make her creations. Have a look to her site.

- See what: Is a personal bog, sometimes funny, others amazing, interesting, entertaining.

-My life as it is...: Never India has been so near. Aayush talks about his city and life in India.

-Emma Alvarez-

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CrazyKinux said...

Thanx for the referal and award!! =)

Emma Alvarez said...

You deserve it :)

jOolian said...

AWEsome Emma!!!! i love how yoo compiled all this & with funny vid and especially The Scream! That so rawwwwk'd!!! hilarious... and perfect for me, as i took some bizarre Art Test that a Physics student created...anywhoz: i was considered Edvard Munch's The scream and it had a funny bio of whom i am.... so thaz kinda bizarre yoo had mix-in!!

Thanx mi bellisima Emma! yoo are sweeter than sugar... ~julian
*And quite Bodaciean in a sweet-subdued manner

Emma Alvarez said...

I'm glad you like the photomontage.
You always make me laugh.

Staci Rose said...

Awww...thanks so much!

Maybe you need to get to know me better before you call me 'nice'. lol! ;)

Really, I love visiting your blog and I appreciate the award! :D

I'm all vaklempt...

Emma Alvarez said...

And I repeat it Stacy nice, nice, nice...

chessnoid said...

Hi Emma,
You are awesome! Yes, I love the way the designer created the template to have all those changing wallpapers. Very cool. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

chessnoid said...

Thanks again for thinking of me. I appreciate the Bodacious Blog award. Cheers!

Emma Alvarez said...

I'm glad you had liked your award Chessnoid.

Diana said...

That video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing it!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Diana.I laughed a lot with the video too.

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