Three Chinese Fables

The man that couldn't see anybody

In the Kingdom of Qi, there was a very greedy man who loved the gold. One day walking by the square, dressed with his best clothes, he saw a man who was selling gold. He quickly closed to him and stole him a big piece of gold in front of everyone's eyes, and went out running.

When he was captured, they asked him:
-"Why did you steal a piece of gold in front of everybody?"
And he answered - "Because I didn't see anybody, I only could see a big piece of gold!!!"

The suspect

One day a man lost his axe, and suspected his neighbour's son. He stayed staring at that boy. And the boy walked like a thief, talked like a thief, and he behaved like a thief. Yes, he was sure: he was a thief.
The following day, he found his axe in the valley. Without a doubt, he had forgotten it there.
And in that very moment, he saw his neighbour's son. The boy walked like a good boy, talked like a good boy, and he behaved like a good boy. Yes, he was sure: he was a good boy.

The parable of the study

"I'm a seventy years old man"- said the Duke Ping Ying to his musician Shi Kuang- "I would like to be studying, learning and reading some books, but it's too late, I'm very old."
Shi Kuang asked him- "Why? Maybe your candle doesn't light?"

The Duke Ping Ying, feeling angry, said: "Shameless! Do you laugh at me?"

"Me?" -said Shi Kuang- "Oh no, my Lord, I don't laugh at you. One day I heard this:
-When someone studies when is young, his future is bright like the sun at dawn.
-When someone studies when is middle aged, is like the sun in the morning.
-And when someone studies when is old, is like the light in a candle. Even thought the candle doesn't bright too much, that it's better than walking in the darkness."

And the duke moved his head in sign of approval.

Without a doubt, in fables, you can always learn something. And, in some of them, so much...

-Emma Alvarez-

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Tony said...

Thanks for telling these tales. I like them very much. My favorite is the man that couldn't see anybody. It is fun but also teaches that greed makes people blind. Very wise...

Emma Alvarez said...

I like the parable of the study. Remembers me something that my granfather used to tell me: "Don't forget to learn something everyday. Always until the end of your days". He always was reading, until the end of his days...

Hin Man said...

How can you find so many different things to write in your blog. I wish I learn to write like you -- a great artist, an explorer, a learner, a smart mind with sensible artistic sense. I am a software engineer and I now finding myself trapped in seeing great blogs such as yours and want to go back to school and start all over again in an Art major. Drop me a comment and let me know how you develop your senses, your writing and your love of art. How you do that with elegance, diversity, and depth.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you for your words.
I think that one must write about what is your interest. Because otherwise, writing in a blog or elsewhere becomes a hard and boring duty.
When you write about what you like and what passionates you, people notice it.

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