The Top Ten Comic Heroes Movies

Movies based in comic heroes begin to be a genre. Fans of Marvel or DC Comics can feel pleased. Many of these movies are authentic tributes. With others, one goes out the cinema saying "It isn't like in the comic".
Sometimes people that doesn't know about these comics begin to be interested in them after they have seen the films.

After this, a list of the best comic heroes movies.

1- Batman Begins

2- Superman

3- Spiderman

4- Conan

5- Dick Tracy

6- Flash Gordon

7- Blade

8- Hellboy

9- Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer

10- X-Men

All of them are entertaining movies, full of action, adventures and especial effects.

Batman Begins, there are some films based in the character of Batman, but maybe this is the best adaptation of the personality of the Batman from the comics. Bruce Wayne gets transformed slowly into Batman. Outstanding performance by Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Liam Neeson. Very good actors and a very good quality in general in this film.

Superman, was an authentic revolution in its time. T-shirts, merchandising, disguises... were used during a lot of years. Christopher Reeve has been for everybody the true superman. Nobody has been able to play the part of Superman better than him. The story is following: Kripton planet goes to its destruction. So the baby Ka-el is sent to the Earth. He's cared by a married couple. In a future, Clark Kent (Superman) will be working as a reporter for the Daily Planet. But he is a superhero secretly, and will help every time the humanity needs his powers. He is in love with Lois Lane. She is in love with Superman, and doesn't like Clark Kent although both are the same person.

Spiderman, the shy Peter Parker, in a visit to a genetic laboratory is bitten by a radioactive spider who turns Peter in a superhero with incredible powers. He uses these powers to fight crime. But, can he have a normal life and be a superhero?

Conan, Arnold Schwarzenegger is Conan. With this role Schwarzenegger gets to be known as an actor. The soundtrack is absolutely excellent. Its author, Basil Poledouris made a really good work, being this soundtrack one of the most famous and best sold of the world.

Dick Tracy, Warren Beatty is Dick Tracy, an inspector who fights against crime. In this movie Madonna won an Oscar with the song "Sooner or Later". With the presence of so good actors like Al Pacino, Dick Van Dyke or Dustin Hoffman. A movie in a Chicago 30s style.

Flash Gordon, a rugby player called Flash Gordon travels in the spacecraft of Zarkov, a crazy scientific fired by the NASA. They go to a planet called Mongo with a reporter called Dale Arden. The three will have to save the Earth from Ming, the Emperor of Mongo. The main song of the movie is "Flash" and is by the mythical band Queen.

Blade,Wesley Snipes is Blade, half man and half vampire. His mission is to save the people of the terrible vampires that lurk in the Earth. A curiosity: Blade appears in the number 10 of the Marvel comic "Tomb of Dracula".

Hellboy, Guillermo del Toro directed Hellboy, which is a devil that was brought up by a scientist. Hellboy appeared in the Earth as a result of a Nazi experiment. But he chooses to serve the Good and help humanity.

Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer, Reed Richards and Sue Storm, two of the Fantastic Four, want to marry, but in the middle of the wedding appears Silver Surfer. This movie introduces this way the character of Silver Surfer, who I talked about in another post.

X-Men, the humanity is divided into two types: normal people and mutants. The mutants have incredible powers, some use them for the Good (the X-Men) and some for the Bad (as Magneto). Anyway, they both can't avoid that normal people fear them. Professor Xavier has a special school to help the mutants from all over the world to control their powers.

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