How To Surprise In Halloween

Halloween is near and I'm going to make you a proposal so you can surprise everybody.
Following you can find some Halloween make up tutorials. They go from the easiest (that anybody can do, witch cheap materials that you can find elsewhere) to some harder.

Sometimes I have done make up for theater and cinema. So I will try to give you some tricks I learned in addition to the tutorials.

I bet you won't go unnoticed. It will be fun.

Skeleton Makeup

This tutorial explains step by step how to do a skeleton face. Remember it doesn't have to be perfect. Instead of buying a latex cap you can use a swimming cap and paint it well, or if you prefer use a hood to cover the head. With a scythe you may look like the Death.


You can make up yourself for Halloween, but stay nice. Remember to enfathise the eyebrow's curve, and paint the lips in red or black.


A classic one. You won't be recognised for sure. You can also paint some portions of the gauzes in red. And the part of the face that can be seen can be painted in dark so it feels deeper. There are some fantasy contact lenses that may be good accesory for this custome.

Cat Make Up

The nose and mouth are the most important elements of this make up. In children this make up looks great because they tend to have a small nose, and the secret of this make up is to hide the nose.


This is the kind of make up that need accesories: a good broom, or a cauldron. It's also fun to add hairy spots in the face using fake flesh and hair.


This make up needs latex. Remember to use the latex firstly in a small portion of the skin to test if it produces allergy. Latex is applied with small sponges that you must use only once. It has a strong smell. It must be applied in small quantities with gentle touches of the sponge. You must let it dry, and after that, you can tear it so it seems ripped flesh.


Living Dead


Advanced Zombie

-Emma Alvarez-

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Keith said...

Great Job with your blog, Emma.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Ommeditation and remember to buy a big pumpkin in Halloween. In one on the tutorials(The mummy)there is also a lot of curiosities about Halloween. Have a look.

Greeneyezz said...

I Love it! Halloween has always been one of my favorite days!
Great job finding sites for the 'how to' with using makeup to make a mask. I thought the Skeleton one was great!

Emma Alvarez said...

Yes Greeneyezz, the make up of the Skeleton is fun and has an important advantage: Nobody could recognize you!

Unknown said...

Hmm...Loved it.Halloween lens are a range and i liked each make-up and the way they are designed.This contactlens can make people looks more frightening.

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