Frederik Magle, The Brilliant Danish Compositor

Frederik Magle (born in 1977) is a Danish compositor. He started to compose when he was only 5 years old, and his first public performance was at the age of 8.

Frederik Magle, in addition of being a brilliant compositor, is also a soloist on piano and pipe organ. His music is classical contemporary, but he also mixes it with other genres, like jazz, rock, ethnic and electronica.

As a soloist, he has played in Saint Peter's Basilica of Rome, in the Windsor Castle... and in 1999 in the baptism of Prince Nikolai, and after that he was invited to perform an organ concert for the Danish Royal Family at Fredensborg Castle. He has an endless list of remarkable performances.

His music has been performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, and many more important orchestras all over the world.

He has received many prizes and awards, recognizing the greatness of his work. Between them, there are the Grants of Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark and H.R.H. Prince Henrik, The Grant of H.H. Prince Joachim and H.H. Princess Alexandra, and The Arts Award of the Freemasons (2001).

In his website you can listen to some of his pieces, available as music downloads. He also has a forum, a list of concerts, photos of him, and lists of edited CDs.
He keeps a close contact with his admirers, which shows not only talent but also generosity, sensibility, to be a great person.

Between the musics that you can download in his website, you can find "Souffle le vent", which is the first movement of the symphonic poem "Cantabile". This poem was played in 2004 by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, in celebration of the Prince Consort's 70th birthday.
It's an exceptional piece. It has the strength of the greatest classical European symphonies. It is full of passion, with powerful chorus that evoke a tragic love.

"The Hope" is magnificent, of an heroic nature. It is based in a Danish hero called Olfert Fischer. It has many changes: it's melancholic, triumphant, with great doses of suspense.

"Lullaby" is a romantic piece, full of feeling and warmth. Frederik Magle in person is the performer of this score. I think that there's some influence of Debussy: natural, fresh, but also mysterious.

"Journey in Time" is a violin and piano performance, with very intense rhythms, very virtuous, and charming. It's like a voyage through the different styles of piano and violin, each one competing to show their beauty.

"Cantilena" is performed by Magle as pipe organ soloist. It has some sort of Medieval atmosphere, and some Irish influence, and is very dreamy.

Frederik Magle, a brilliant compositor that must be a essential listening for all those who love music.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Tony said...

What an awesome compositor! Thanks for this. I've listened some of the downloads and it's very good.

Emma Alvarez said...

Yes Tony, he is really good. I think we are in the presence of someone that is going to make History.
His work may also be great for cinema, on epic and fantasy super-productions.

Anonymous said...

Oh, really inspiring music! And really handsome too...

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