Top Best 50 Free Apps For Designers And Webmasters

Sometimes big companies have started making small and free applications, that with the support of their users have become big software projects. To support the new software designers and programmers means to better the market.

But sometimes the great quality of free applications surprises you. You can even notice that they are much better than others that are commercial.
To help these genial creators is to improve the system.

2D Graphics

Paint.NET, Opensource graphics editor that is widely known for its quality. It has layers and special effects.

Active Pixels, A free image editor that has a similar feel to Photoshop.

PosterForge, This graphics editor is for making "Dead or Alive" posters with the feeling of the Far West.

PhotoFiltre, This images editor is specialized in filters. It has many of them and many different ways to apply them. The interface is very easy.

3D Graphics

MakeHuman, Models human figures and exports in obj and collada formats. Posing and modeling solution, slightly similar to Poser, but free.

3D Canvas
, 3D Modeler that exports in POV format.

JPatch, 3d modeler for Pov or Renderman.

UVMapper, applies textures to 3d shapes.

PoseRay, Imports from formats like 3ds or vrml and exports in POV, plus many other interesting features that allow to manipulate the rendered scene.

Sculptypaint, A 3D modeler for .dxf format, which is used in Blender, Google Sketchup and SecondLife.

Moray, A well known modeler for POV that was adquired by them and now it's free.

Natural Painting

TwistedBrush Free, Natural painting tool that is mainly centered in being easy to use.

Artweaver, Freeware image editor mainly focused for painting and drawing. It has layers, plugins, and is very good for natural painting. Supports graphics tablets and has a lot of drawing tools.

MyPaint, Natural painting application that has a good set of brushes and you can also create yours. What you draw is influenced by the speed, pressure and random factors. Excellent for drawing with graphics tablet.

Video Tools

MemoriesOnWeb, Create slideshows of images with transition effects, and upload them as videos to Youtube directly.

DVD Slideshow GUI, You can create your own custom DVDs containing music, sounds, videos or images, with 160 transition effects.

Image Tools

ImageSorter, Free program to find those images that you don't remember by their names but you know their color. It sorts images by color (and other criteria) so you find them visually very quickly.

Digital Image Tool, Make changes and editions to many files at the same time. Crop, resize, rename... A very complete and easy set of tools.

3D Box Shot Maker, Makes those 3d pics of boxes of software products that simulate the real boxes.

, A tool for a technique called HDR photograph that consist in mixing 3 photos with different exposure/brightness so you get an hiper-realist photo of an excellent quality.

Pixillion Image File Converter, A freeware for converting between image formats.

NConvert, Superb converter between image formats (imports 400 formats, exports 40). It can also make basic editing and retouch of images. Also for Mac and Linux.

Flash Slideshow Maker, Makes slideshows of photographs with music in flash format, with many transition effects. You can upload it to Internet or record a DVD with that.

BugShooting, A screen capture application that allows to add captions, arrows and text to the captured screen, and save it to a file or clipboard. It was thought for bug reports, but it's useful for design projects too.

ZScreen, The original idea in this application is to capture the screen and upload it directly to your website through ftp, saving you time.

Ico Format, A Photoshop plugin to save and load .ico images and thus make your own Windows icons or convert them to PNG and use them in Linux.

Web Design

Likno Web Button Maker, Program to do buttons for your website.

Userbar Generator, Creates graphics of navigation and user bars.

Powerbullet, Creating flash presentations for Internet or CDs is easy with this free application.

Vector Graphics

Portable Scribus, A portable version of Scribus, the famous program of desktop publishing. You can save it in an USB drive and run in any PC, without the need to install it.

InsightPoint, Freeware for creating vector graphics, very easy and simple.

, A software that makes animations of 2D vector graphics.

Sound Tools

Sharepod, A program to send music from the PC to the iPod and vice versa.

Wavosaur, An audio editor that can load many sound file types, and edit them with professional quality. It has icons for the most used functions, so the interface is easy.

System Tools

Room3d Desktop, An add against boredom. A fun application for navigating through your desktop as it were a 3d scenery. Maybe a source of inspiration. You can turn it on and off with a key.

NetMeter, If you are concerned about your Internet connection performance, here is a very visually appealing monitor.

, Simple and fast Java tool that displays the size of your directories and this way you can see how much space they consume.

Little Snitch, A free program that alerts you when your PC tries to send information.

SysTrayMeter, A cpu and ram monitor that consumes very low resources and stays in the system tray without disturbing you.

System Eye, Another cpu and ram monitor that supports transparency, is draggable and shows how much cpu and ram are you using.

LogMeIn Free, Easy solution for remote accessing a PC and work together or help someone remotely, and with security. If you want to help a friend with his/her computer, you can manage it like it were yours and fix the problem.


Notepadd++, Impressive multi-language code editor that is opensource. You can add your own language syntax coloring and code completion, and can customize the application colors.

, Easy and good web pages editor similar to Dreamweaver. Simple and free.

Selida HTML Editor, Minimalist but powerful HTML visual editor.

Vex, XML visual editor, that displays the data of xml files as formated text so it's like writing a letter.

, As its name says, it's a visual CSS editor.

Productivity Tools

Deepest Sender, Free application to send posts directly to your blog. It's for people that own several blogs so they can send post to all of them from this program.

AutoHotkey, Autohotkey is a very good program of shortcuts for programmers. Not easy at all but very powerful.

TightVNC, Remote control software to control your pc from another computer.

Texter, Free program by LifeHacker that makes you work faster by defining texts or scritps that are triggered by short words as you write.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Clinton Begin said...

RE: JDiskReport...

Try WinDirStat instead. It's prettier and offers more information.

There's an equivalent for the Mac, but I can't remember the name :-/


Adrian said...

Wow. Quite a collection! I'm impressed.

Greeneyezz said...


You've been wonderful to pass on all these sites! It's a great collection. Thanks a bunch for sharing.


Hin Man said...

This list of applications is a life saver for me. Thank you so much for your work.

RedHOUSE said...

thank you Emma
nice work !!

Quakeboy said...

Hey there.. I am a new blogger…

Whoever visits my site fully says I have some amazing posts..

I find site with lesser quality with more visitors and people.

How do I make people know about my site?

Please check my blog if you have time..

I am email subscribing yours now..

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you all.

Rajavanya, there are many blogs in the blogosphere and stand out between so many is a hard work.

The easy success or the easy failure doesn't exist. Only many successes or failures.

The promotion work is very important. For example you have a programming blog, and you can tell people in sites about that about your posts (for example slashdot).

And over all, to be original. Never think as a blogger, but as a reader.
Think in what you like reading, and what could the people find in your site that is not in another.

phoenix2life said...

Good job to list all these nice tool set for designers. Along with Paint.NET I sometimes use XnView for lots of goodies like merging, clipping and combining pictures.

I am going to try Active Pixels and PhotoFilter.

Thanks to Share this cool tool list.

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