Michael Myers, Halloween Movies Special

Michael Myers is one of the terror characters that are already considered as classics.
Both the story and its soundtrack, and the nature of the character have originated a long saga of movies. They have also been the source of inspiration of many terror films that followed.

Michael Myers is a psychopath that started killing from his early childhood. He wears a white mask, and his eyes are cold and inexpressive. He wears the clothes of a mental institution, the place were he has lived most of his life.

His key date is the day of Halloween, the day he started to kill.

The first movie of Halloween was shown for first time in 1978. Its director was John Carpenter, and starred by Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence.
The movie is about a psychiatric patient that had killed his sister when he was 6 years old. Myers manages to scape from the sanitarium and keeps on killing.

The movie was shown some days before Halloween. It was a movie with low economical resources but became a great success.
With "Halloween" begins a new subgenre of terror centered in the figure of a psycho that kills teenagers.

Halloween II
Year 1981. Directed by Rick Rosenthal.
In this second movie, John Carpenter and Debra Hill are still the scriptwriters, but was directed by Rosenthal.
As a curiosity, the soundtrack of the movie was composed by Carpenter himself.

Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is in the hospital. Although supposedly Myers is dead, it's not true. He has killed again. And goes to the hospital to kill Laurie.
Laurie knows it, feels it. Can she scape again this time?

Halloween III, the season of the witch
Year 1982. Directed by Tommy Lee Wallance.
It was produced by Carpenter and Hill.

Some strange masks destroy all those who wears them. The aim of these masks is to kill the American children who will wear them in a specific day.

Halloween IV, the return of Michael Myers
Year 1988. Directed by Dwight H. Little.

Michael Myers has been in coma for 10 years. He awakes when he ears that he has a niece called Jamie Lloyd. Myers escapes from the sanitarium. In his search, he kills everyone that he meets.
The movie has a surprising end, because maybe Jaimie may have "inherited" the personality of Myers.

Halloween V, the revenge of Michael Myers
Year 1989. Directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard.

The niece of Michael Myers is in the sanitarium, treated by Doctor Loomis, the same that treated Michael Myers. The nightmares of the child have increased.
It seems that there's a mental connection between Jamie and Michael.

Halloween VI, the curse of Michael Myers
Year 1995. Directed by Joe Chapelle.

The niece of Myers, Jamie, has grown up. Jamie has been all this time kidnapped by some strange men wearing in black, but she manages to scape.
With her, he carries a baby. He is the son of hers and Michael Myers.

Halloween H20, 20 years later
Year 1998. Directed by Steve Miner.

Probably, it's one of the best films of the saga. The sister of Jason is in fact alive, and had simulated her own death to confuse her brother.
Now she lives with a new identity, directs a school, and has a son. She never managed to overcome her trauma. But when Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) wants to start a new life and defeat her fears, Myers appears again.
Now she knows that there's no sense in running. She has to face him.

As a curiosity, the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis (Janet Leigh) has a short play in the film. Janet Leigh was an actress in numerous movies, and is the main character in one of the most popular scenes of the terror genre. Jane Leigh is the woman that cries in the shower in "Psycho" (Alfred Hitchcock).

Halloween Resurrection
Year 2002. Directed by Rick Rosenthal.

Six college students are chosen to spend a night in the mansion were Michael Myers lived. They will be surrounded by webcams. All what happens will be seen by the internauts.
Is everything under control, or not?

Halloween (Rob Zombie's Halloween)
Year 2007. Director Rob Zombie.

Rob Zombie has done his own version of Halloween. It centers in the childhood of Myers, and his monstrous nature. That nature that is so known by his doctor Samuel Loomis.


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