10,000 B.C. A Mythical And Not Historical Movie

10,000 B.C. was shown for first time on March 7th in all over the world. Its director is Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day", "Godzilla"...).

The reviews on this movie are really terrible. But the truth is that I've watched this movie recently and I liked it, and I can recommend it.

It has the quality of the big movies of the mythical genre (Conan The Barbarian, Scorpion King...).

Maybe the problem of this movie is its name. It is based on a fictional story with fantasy elements: a witch, some prophecies, a mixture of civilizations that never lived together. Just like in Conan. But there's many people that took it seriously.
There are critics that, trying to analyze the film from the historical point of view, come to be hilarious.
In some reviews I've read complaints about the presence of dinosaurs in the movie (that is located in 10,000 BC). But in the movie there is no dinosaurs. If they call dinosaur to a mammoth, we can have a big laugh. Mammoths lived at least until 4,500 BC.
In the movie also appears a saber-tooth that lived until 9,000 BC. There are also some totally imaginary giant ostriches similar to the Australian Moa, which reached 12 feet high, and was extinct between the 15 and 19 centuries.

There are also Egyptian pyramids, which is also another fictional element. But the movie is of a fantastic and mythical genre.

In the movie, there's a mixture of bravery, friendship, love, union against injustice... among unforgettable landscapes.

The argument is the following: A village of mammoth hunters sees how the number of mammoths decreases day by day. So their life style is menaced. The old witch of the tribe has several visions and makes a prophecy. A little girl with blue eyes will come to their village and will save them from this situation. One night, the little girl appears, Evolet, that grows up in their village and falls in love with D'Leh, a hunter.

But a band of warriors that ride horses kidnap their strongest hunters and the girl with blue eyes. D'Leh was away from the village and was not captured. He decides to follow the kidnappers, and some of the last hunters follow him.

In their travel they'll find some other tribes that have also been attacked by those villains, and they join all together against their enemies, and follow D'Leh as leader.

The best of the movie is the union of people from different cultures and races with a same will of justice.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Mark Antony said...

An interesting theme for a film, but I'd agree, the title is more likely to put people off.

Emma Alvarez said...

Yes Mark I agree the worst of the movie is the title.

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