Interesting Links 03/16/08

The secrets of grunge design. These are backgrounds, textures... sometimes urban, sometimes not.
Designs that are top fashion, a style followed by many designers.

The secrets of grunge design

Corporate images. Logotypes and corporate image define the public image of a business. Watch some of the most successful ones is a source of inspiration.
Ateneu Popular

A stunning video. It starts in a theater, and suddenly the musician translates himself to... Have a look and you'll see.
Giovanni Sollima

Herbert Wong is an experienced traveller and makes awesome photographies of his travels.
Herbert Wong photography

Kyle M. Stone is a great illustrator, with a very personal style. Drop by his official website and by his gallery. An artist full of imagination.
Kyle M. Stone illustrator

Celebrities caricatures. They're really hilarious. Some are so similar...
Famous Caricatures

Who has never dream of having a house in a tree? Specially when one is a child. Well, there's some people that have made this dream come true, and their tree house has even a microwave.

Following with the country-rock series, George Strait, a country singer that you must listen.
George Strait

Steph Waller has written a very interesting article about Mozart. Don't miss it. All the curiosities about the great musician.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Davidlind said...

I love the director who does all those films with Johnny Depp. I think his name is Tim Burton. Some of these photos remind me of his work.

Steph said...

Thank you for the "shout out". I'm as pleased as can be!

Emma Alvarez said...

Dear Steph you article is absolutely great.

Emma Alvarez said...

Oh yes David,the work of Kyle M Stone reminds Burton's style.

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