More Than 150,000 Free Fonts And Dingbats

A good font can become a logo by itself alone. It can express fun, transgression, design...
Another good resource are dingbats, funny and original images that you can be an important element in a banner, a button...

This list contains more than 150,000 free fonts and dingbats. Its purpose is to compile together the best sites. Use it as your main bookmark for finding good fonts.

RFonts, Excellent resource. Fonts are ordered by categories and subcategories, and are of high quality and very original.

Abstract Fonts, More than 11,300 free fonts. You can also download the catalog of fonts in PDF, and choose them carefully.

Betterfonts, More than 10,000 text free fonts of many different styles.

, 305 fonts of movies, music, games... Surprise with the font of Alien, Mario Bross...

Dafont, Over 7,800. Some of them are shapes like animals, saint valentine, symbols, runes, Halloween, nature, tv, movies... Very fun.

Urbanfonts, More than 8,000. Gothic, graffiti, Celtic, 3d, futuristic, Chinese...

Grunge Fonts List by BittBox, BittBox makes a selection of the best free grunge fonts.

Creamundo, 9,800 free fonts. They are in alphabetical order, so you can search for any font you know the name, and you'll surely find it.

Fontcubes, The correct place to find good fonts and dingbats, with search engine included.

AcidFonts, With many fonts, near 2,000. Some of the categories are: grunge, dingbats, horror, retro, pixelated...

1001FreeFonts, Although it says 1001, there are many thousands more. They all are 100% compatible with Macintosh and Windows.

Smashing Magazine, Smashing Magazine did a compilation of more than 40 free fonts that may be the most interesting for professionals of graphic design.

Great Fonts for Web 2.0, Here you can identify some of the most famous fonts used in internet websites like Popurls, Techcrunch, 9Rules...

1001Fonts, Here you can find very good fonts, some of them of very original categories and specially fun ones. It also tells you the names of the author of the fonts, so have a look to their sites too.

Larabie Fonts, Ray Larabie offers 384 totally free fonts, for commercial or personal use. He only asks you to help to promote his site and have a look to his websites. Very good quality work.

FreeFonts, 6,500 free fonts in true type format. And an explanation on how to install them.

Fonts500, A visual index of 500 fonts. Some of them are very fun and original.

Smashing Magazine 19 Free Quality Fonts, Smashing Magazine offers 19 free fonts of high quality, and makes a good proposal for designers.

SymplyTheBestFonts, An big index of free fonts. You can find fonts for kids, liquid fonts, sci-fic fonts, funky, hollydays, cartoons...

Programming Fonts, A big set of some dozens of fonts for programmers, easily readable ones. Most of them are free.

SearchFreeFonts, 13,000 free fonts and 30,000 for sell. There is a search box and categories index. Some categories are: military, antique, christmas...

Proggy, Some free fonts for programmers (monospaced, etc).

16 Dingbat Fonts by BittBox, BittBox lists 16 fonts of shapes and silhouettes (also called dingbat fonts) of excellent quality, as it's usual in BittBox.

Fawnt, 9,348 free fonts, all with large previews for easily browsing them.

Blambot, Near 50 of the fonts listed there are free. They are fonts with appearance of comic.

Divide By Zero, Tom Murphy is the creator of these fonts. They are absolutely great and funny. Don't forget to drop by his website:

FontFreak, It's one of the most visited fonts sites. Has 5,000 free fonts, and if you click over the samples, it shows all the letters of the font.

HighFonts, 3,200 free fonts directly downloadables.

Daily Free Fonts, 4,200 free fonts with ratings and lists of the most popular ones.

Fontheaven, This site includes more than 1,000 fonts and has a tutorial about how to install them on PC and Mac.

Font Reactor, Over 4,100 fonts, ordered by categories. Very easy to browse. There are alien dingbats and elfic runes amongst others.

FontShack, Sorted in alphabetical order, for Windows and Mac.

Font Garden, There are 2800 free fonts of letters and dingbats. Some categories: alchemist, flowers, cultural, fantasy and mythology, celtic...

File Cart Fonts, One of the biggest free fonts archive, with 9,350. Some of the categories are quite original: cool, square, distorted...

Fontsy, 3,000 free fonts for flyers, word documents, any type of print medias, corporate branding, letter copy, etc. For PC and Mac.

2200FreeFonts, There are 2,200 free fonts that can be downloaded one by one or buying a download with them all.

KillerFontz, Good fonts and funny dingbats for PC.

ShowFont, This visual index of fonts has been very famous on Digg. The fonts are on alphabetical order and there are thousands of them.

Absolute Fonts Archive, 6,800 free fonts, some of them really original and can't be found in other places.

Dingbat Depot, This website is specialized on dingbat fonts, and has many of them ordered by categories.

CrunchBang Ubuntu Fonts List, 465 free fonts by Brian Kent, for Ubuntu. A tutorial explains how to install them.

Top 25 Geekiest Free Fonts, A selection of 25 fonts, quite funny. Some are: Austin Powers, Blade Runner, Alias, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files...

Fontennium, Historical, arcane, symbolic, medieval fonts...

Free Mac Fonts, 6,000 free fonts only for Macintosh.

Font Foundry, Another great resource for finding fonts, that also displays a list of the most popular ones.

Free Fonts, 2,500 free fonts in a very easy to use site. The authors of the fonts are also displayed.

Iconian Fonts, Many fonts and dingbats, many of them unique.

Sketchpad Free Fonts, Huge list of fonts and dingbats.

Free Chinese Fonts, The Institute of Chinese Studies of the University of Heidelberg offers Chinese fonts in different styles. There are more fonts also at

Fontriver, A very popular fonts site that has all kinds of fonts and dingbats, and also an original section with fonts that imitate the style of languages like Hindi, Thai, Arabian or Chinese.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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Tony said...

Wow, how cool is this, Emma. Now I won't have to look for fonts anymore until year 2090!!

Thank you again!

fred said...

Astounding. More power to you, Emma.

Thanks from Tasmania.

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Paul said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank god for I may have never come across this.

JZ said...

So extremely delicious and useful. Thank you 100 times.

Jenny said...

I have some of these...I think. I remember downloading like 3 of them a while ago. Great find. I'm here from stumble btw.

Aekold said...

Thanx alot! Your blog rules :)

Xydexx said...

Awesome resource! You can never have too many fonts!

Anonymous said...

thanks! great stuff

Unknown said...

1000s of great free fonts and dingabts

Unknown said...

somebody please help me with this font Gotham Medium. thanks

Emma Alvarez said...

Andrea Fox said...

Thank you for these great fonts. I could use these for my banners.

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