Top Best 55 Graphically Stunning MMORPG Games

MMORPG are computer games that are played online by a big number of players.
Many people criticize computer and console games, most of the times without knowing anything about them.

They don't know that the best graphics designers and the best programmers work in these games. They also have original soundtracks that can compete with the ones in the most awarded movies. Sometimes, their background stories have a deep degree of elaboration.

And playing these games develops one's imagination, concentration, reflexes, sense of orientation, alertness...

Doing this list has been a pleasure, because in these games there's the fantasy, mythology, imagination, and inspiration that I always try to seek for in my articles and art.

Following, the top best 55 graphically stunning MMORPG Games:

Dark Age Of Camelot, Located in the Arthurian legends, in a fantasy world. You can choose between 44 different professions and 18 races. It's a very popular game. The graphical appearance is amazing.

Aion, This game is in development. There is a mailing list for those who want to take part in the testing. So now it's a good time to visit it (this is an exclusive lol). The graphics shown are really awesome, so it deserves a place here.

EVE Online, Completely awesome game about wars between starships in outer space. EVE goes beyond all that you may have seen in Star Wars movies or others.

Guild Wars, One of the most famous mmorpgs with many sequels and a high grade of quality.

City of Heroes, Ever wanted to be a superhero like Iron Man, Superman or Black Panther? Here's your game. Join other heroes to save a virtual town from the hands of crime.

Perfect World, This game is based in Chinese mythology, and this makes it at the same time original, intense and interesting. They also have their own radio station that plays music from their website. There are many curiosities about the game that you can read here in Wikipedia.

The Lord of the Rings Online, For all the fans of the Lord of the Rings, here is the official game. You will be transported to the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien.

World of Warcraft, Also known as WoW. Its user community is growing without a stop. This game has a big merchandise around it, that depicts a vast and colorful universe. It is the number one in number of people that play it, only comparable to RuneScape's population.

Lineage II, One of the most awesome role playing games. Its fantasy background is full of color and diversity.

Archlord, A free game with totally stunning graphics. You can buy credits with real money, to buy things, but you are not forced to do so. The user community is huge. It also has a soundtrack by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Dungeons & Dragons, One of the first role playing board games adapted to be 3d and multiuser, having the ambient and flavor of that popular game.

RuneScape, In the moment that this post was written, there were more than 200,000 people playing online, and each day more and more thousands of people join RuneScape. The endless possibilities of gameplay make it a champion.

Everquest II, A mmorpg with great illumination effects and all what you can expect in a role playing fantasy game.

Flyff, Free korean role playing game of manga style. The game is called "Fly For Fun" (Flyff) and that's its main feature: to be able to fly over strange objects. Maybe one of the best cartoon role playing game.

Regnum Online, Free rpg with not too many races or classes but great graphical effects, specially lights, water and atmosphere.

Final Fantasy XI, A game with a deep and enormous argument. Users of console and Windows can play together. A very customizable character creation process.

Tabula Rasa, A space warriors multiplayer game with a very dense story and the original feature of being able to change your character type without having to start again. The lightning is excellent.

City of Villains, The counterpart of City of Heroes. You can play the role of a super villain. Want to be bad to the bone?

9Dragons, Do you like martial arts? This free online multiuser game allows you to be a martial arts master in Ancient China.

Entropia Universe, It is more a virtual community in 3d than a mmorpg, but has some of the features that role playing games have. Two of its main differences is that it is very aimed to social interaction, and that it has a real economy.

Star Wars Galaxies, An opportunity to join the rebels against the Empire and rule the galaxy of the movies of this saga. Let the Force be with you :)

Anarchy Online, It's a sci-fic mmorpg located 30,000 years in the future. It is focused to action and combat.

Ultima Online, The original Ultima game was created by Richard Garriott, a genius in role playing games for computers. Ultima Online is the last chapter of this great invention, turning the old game into a mmorpg. The game has many possibilities.

Ran Online, Its argument that can be resumed in this: you are a student of a mix of martial arts and superpowers and you have to kill zombies with other players. This is one of the most popular games in Asia.

2Moons, Now it's in free open beta. Focused to fighting but surrounded with beautiful landscapes, has a high level of detail and Asian atmosphere.

The Legend of Ares, "We will fight together to death" is the lemma of this game. It's a fantasy fighting game of Asian inspiration.

Dungeon Runners, A fantasy mmorpg very similar in concept to Dungeon And Dragons. The game and its website is very easy to use.

Warhammer Online, It's in testing phase, but a look to their screenshots page can be a great source of inspiration and a pleasure for your eyes. It may be the one of the most stunning games ever. You can't play for now, but you can sign to take part in the testing.

Rakion, Sword and martial arts game. They make special emphasis in making fights spectacular and thrilling. Players can also summon monsters to help them in their fights. Many visual effects in combat.

Risk Your Life, This game has very good environmental effects, ease of use, and a long list of monsters. The game makes special emphasis in the completion of challenges, and has more than 200 quests to complete.

Twelve Sky, Martial arts role playing game in Ancient China. Players must belong to one of three armies in war and try to get holy relics. The movements of combat have been recorded using motion capture techniques.

World of Kung Fu, The ambient of this game is inspired in the ancient paintings of China, and it has a superior lightning and effects. It has a very complete interface. Most of the virtual world is inhabited by monsters, and only cities are a safe place.

Last Chaos, The creators of Shaiya and Twelve Sky have also done this game. And like in the others, here you can find another awesome 3d world of fantasy and imagination and endless adventures with stunning graphics and effects.

PlanetSide, Game of space trooper battles. Players can also drive space ships and giant robots similar to transformers.

Eternal-Lands, A game in constant development that is about a colorful fantasy world populated with unicorns, cyclops, fairies, dragons... They have low hardware requirements and a simple interface, and it's free to play.

Sword of the New World, This is part of a service that allows you to play different games for free with the same account. This one is focused on sword fighting.

Xiah, This free game of martial arts and swords mixes elements from the ancient Asian culture with others from the European fantasy.

Infinity, A free mmorpg where all the characters are warriors and is focused towards intense and fast arcade action.

Voyage century Online, It's a 3D nautical adventures game, which combines the strategy, trade and role-play. The action takes place in the sea and islands.

Hero's Journey, Still in development. It may become one of the tops. A fantasy role playing game with some original elements like feline half human people, for example, and very good graphics and artwork.

Rappelz, Fantasy world that mixes sword fighting with magic powers of amazing visual effects.

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, This is a 2D fantasy mmorpg that has a very neat interface and good graphics. Doesn't need big hardware requirements.

PlaneShift, This free game stands out of all the others because of its truly original story and atmosphere. There are different races than usual (from cat people to gnomes), very original sceneries, and ways of traveling by flying over a dinosaur or a giant bat.

Knight Online, With millions of users. Players can be a barbarian, warrior, priest, rogue or mage. Players join together to fight against the others or take challenges.

Age of Armor, Free game of battles between giant robots similar to Transformers.

Age of Conan, Impressive multiplayer game located in the Hyborian Age of Conan.

Bounty Bay, In this game you can be a pirate or a explorer, and sail the seas and oceans discovering countries or plundering treasures.

Earth Eternal, Still in development, but you can sign up to join the beta. It deserves to be here because of its very original concept. The players are humanoid animals, dragons and giant man-trees.

Fury, A very intense fighting game, specialized in player vs player combat.

Pirates Of The Caribbean, This will make your dream of becoming a pirate come true, like those in this famous movie.

Zu Online, Zu is a 3d mmorpg that comes from a Chinese legendary Kung-Fu novel.

Tantra, Another good Asian mmorpg of fancy 3d graphics.

RF Online, A combination of science fiction and fantasy, having all the good features of both.

Ryzom, Mixing sci-fic and fantasy, player's actions take place in an alien world populated by strange monsters.

Shaiya, One of the most awesome games that there's been, very complete and with a very elaborated story. It's free to download and play.


-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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Vince said...

what about hello kitty's mmorpg?

Emma Alvarez said...

Hello Kitty, yes it's another mmorpg with many followers.

Well, if someone knows another one that is your favorite, tell it here, and a short explanation of what is it about.

Oscar said...

damn, thanks i was looking for one, getting bored of the online war stuff, gonna bookmark this and decide, i'll let you know, once agin thanks!

Emma Alvarez said...

Oscar, it will be hard to choose one. They're all good.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Evilunleashed, for the info. I had a look to it and it seems very cool.

Tambola said...

A3 India is another MMORPG-

Compared to most of the other MMORPGS this game is graphically more real ..Especially the maps, character appearance , Armory
..The game is free till lvl 30, after that there is subscription fee..which changes quite often but the standard amount is 5$ a month, the amount considerably goes down if you buy Subscription for a longer validity period.

There are other servers as well ..there is one in chinese &
and another mix of both called "tta3"

There is a confusion about the sequel/episodes of this game.some say its 5, some say its 7 episodes

.A3 india is at 2nd episode
.chinese A3 is at 5th episode
.TTA3 is at 5th episode

The Game is PVE/PVP, and has huge number of quests.
Most Of the Maps have Mutilple Map Bosses
& Each Episode has a final boss

To unlock new episodes, one has to find special Quest scrolls & complete the Quest.

There are starting towns, players need to choose one. Players can make Knighthood and each Knighthood can have 13 players.

There are a lot of events ..Major Boss Spawns, Town wars, Knighthood wars..and a lot more

the number of private servers is also growing for this game.

Link :

Ritthaa said...

I didn't check all of them, but all the ones I did see weren't for mac. Are you thinking of posting a mac mmorpg list, because I really like your listing and layout but have a mac.

nadadenada said...

waht happen with is a masive multiplayer online where all the players play in the same server, you can take tanks, planes, boats, trucks..., and is the most realistic game of the World war II

Banjo said...

Runescape doesn't fit the title... namely because it looks like shit. I don't even understand why it was included.

Emma Alvarez said...

Satanic, Alexander, and Nadadenada: Thank you for your contribution.

Banjo, Runescape may be not as good graphically as the others. But have you wondered why being so it has not lost players, and even more, it has gained millions more?
That's the reason to be here.

José Carlos said...

Great list.
Have you tried Dofus? I played it a couple of times and the graphics looked amazing.

Fabian said...

Great list! I will surely check some of them out! :D

Palash Oswal said...

how to create a server for tta3....?
new server?

Anonymous said...

omg! silkroad online should be in the list! it's the best 3d martial-art mmprpg imho.

ream said...

That'a alot of mmorpg's.

Anonymous said...

where is Metin2 ?
its a good game too.

JAK said...

Thanks Emma that was the best preview ever, the screen shots are definitely worth more than a 1000 words. I visited you website and thought it was terrific, how refreshing to see the artist coming through more strongly than the techo.
Cheers, Jack

dun3r said...

3 things:

1.why 2moons is so high? yea, nice graphics but if you will play longer, its getting boring like HELL, quests is a lie there, like 99% of quests is kill XX number of YY monster,100% grindfest(not talking about lags there..)

2. archlord and rf online, how come there is such difference on your list ? so many similarities: same company, engine+graphic,auctions!!, soundtrack-style. imo rf is better then archlord(races are enemies to eachother what makes the game running)

3. massive multiplayer online game is (not) equal with mmoRPG, what i could understand from your introduction ;p

gonna try some 1st place on your list.
By the way is aion already released/beta?

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you all again, and please continue suggesting games.

dun3r, the list has a random order. The first are not the best. I just selected 55 of the ones that are more stunning for me.

In this moment the Aion site seems to be slow or offline. But maybe you should have a look to it from time to time, maybe you are in time to enter a beta.

dun3r said...

oh that explains alot ;) about suggestions, can you add wich game is pay/free to play?

games worth checking:
battlfield heroes- next version of famous (shooter) battlefield, this time its cell-shaded mmorpg, looks pretty funny. first time free to play

two worlds (pay to play)
looks great graphicly, it have single and (massive)multiplayer modes. its said you can have high influence on npcs in it,(changing king, encourage to war, etc)

metin2 (free to play)
not that graphicly nice, but some games on your list have worse, and im not talking about runescape. unique fight engine with melee, you hit all monsters in range of your weapon/hand + monsters are grouped with 3 or more, when you attack one you have to deal with them all.story isnt bad thought

elders scrolls
i cant believe you dont have it up there yet :) this is a game you will never get bored of, im talking of story ofcourse..

there is also exteel but i can bet you wont like it :P

so thats all. thanks, duner.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Dun3R, nice suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Why is Runescape on a list called "Top Best 55 Graphically Stunning MMORPG Games"?
Note the "Graphically Stunning" part.
Runescape has horrible graphics.

Emma Alvarez said...

Runescape is in this list because it's stunning by the great number of graphics although they're not extraordinary by themselves, and all the different things that players can do in the game.

If you read the text in addition to the title, it gives a hint why I added it.

Runescape should not be so bad when it has so many followers.

Orlandin said...

Lets not forget about Everquest 1. They spearheaded the mmo market and evolved the greatest as far as graphics go.

Anonymous said...

I play Ryzom myself and I think it's the best online multilayer game out there.
I think it's certainly the most original game on the market and it has the best community.
It's free to play at the moment so I'd give it a go just so you can say you've tried it. You'll Love it, I promise you.

Anonymous said...

alex sai's: the reason why me and many others play runescape is because: ok they've had a graphical update and its fair to say there not amazing but people play it because of choices and things to do.Look at many other games for example,wow, shaiya, guild wars etc the only real option you have on these is to keep fighting and fighting where as on runescape i can chill and earn some cash, other games lack non combat skills that runescape has thats why people play it and why it makes the game a champion.

Javier said...

World of Warcraft (WoW) haves everything you would expect of a game.. it haves all the comodities that you can imagine, it doesn't have extraordinary graphics, but its gameplay is the best of all the mmorpg that I've ever played.
I love this post ^^

palelotus said...

How about Ragnarok Online? I know the first one is 2D but it's simply fantastic and has a HUGE fan-base. Also, there is a Ragnarok Online II that's not bad, either, albeit I've not played much, it's 3D.

Also, Albatross18 is a fun 3D golf game ( I know, it sounds boring, but it's a lot of fun. )

This is a wonderful list, however. Even if I think Ragnarok deserves to be on the list.

Joel Tan said...

Love your list. Do you think it still holds true this year? There are a lot of new MMORPG titles out there. Maybe you can update your list? *hint, hint*

Sinji Prasetio said...

I think Ragnarok Online is the best MMO!! ^^

Raja Rani said...

very awesome game peria chronicles

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