How To Recover Your PC Files

Sometimes you delete some important file by mistake, or worser, you crash your entire partition or format it to reinstall Windows, and then you remember that you forgot to backup some important file.

The kind of programs that can save you in these situations are called data recovery software. Some people are forced to pay big amounts of money to bring their hard drives to specialists that use that software to recover lost data.

Anyway, there are some affordable alternatives for this. One of them is this program that you can test: Handy Recovery.

It is able to recover deleted files from hard drives, and also performs data and image recovery on memory cards like those used for digital cameras (CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and Secure Digital cards). It can restore files deleted from the recycle bin, or corrupted by viruses or power failures. Also with encrypted and compressed files.

You can do it by yourself without having to pay a service that would always be much more expensive. In addition, if you have the software, you can use it many times.

When you run the program, it analyzes your hard drive, memory card, etc. Then it displays a explorer tree view of the contents of your drive. It marks deleted files with red crosses.
Thus, you can see the deleted files with the current ones, in their original places before you deleted them.

You can select a file, and its contents will be shown in a preview window under the explorer.

The program is really intuitive and easy to use. It has a toolbar with big icons for the most common functions. It has an internal search engine and a filter for searching for a specific file type, or for showing only deleted files. These two functions can also be combined.

When you have located the file that you want to restore, then use the restore button to recover it. The program saves the restored file in the folder that you specify. You can also restore a complete folder, not only files.

You can test Handy Recovery downloading the free demo, that runs in all Windows OS, no matter what file system they use. It is certified for Windows XP and Vista by Microsoft.

It's in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. It only costs $49 which is not too much considering that a data recovery service may cost much more.

So if some day all your computer crashes or is attacked by a virus, it's not the end. It has a solution.

-Emma Alvarez-

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