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Icons are a very important piece of an application. Both for web applications and web pages, or for software solutions, they are widely used to make them more user friendly and easy.

Icon design is a very specialized branch of graphic design. Not all the graphic designers can make professional-looking icons, or they don't have the time for designing them.
Also, software developers need icons for their applications, and they need professional icons.

Although there are many sites that offer free icons, professionals need quality icons that they can add to their commercial applications without being forced to link or credit anyone. It also adds
reliability to their product.

Finding a provider that fulfills these requisites can be hard. But there's one that stands out for its advantages and quality. It is Icongalore.
Each day, more professionals choose the advantages of Icongalore. They offer quality icons that follows Microsoft XP Guidelines. Their icons have the modern look of Windows XP and Vista.

These are the most affordable icons for professionals for very simple reasons:

  • You just have to buy what you need. Icons can be purchased one by one (in a minimum of 10) for $3. The payment is made through Paypal or 2CheckOut.

  • You can buy just the package you need. For example, if you're making a web application, you can purchase the "Web Icons" package. You can also buy all the icon packages together for $349 (this is: 679 icons).

  • The purchase gives you the right to use the icons you bought in all your future projects and modify them if you like, without having to pay again.

For any problem that you may have, they have a chat support.

More advantages:
  • Each package has icons in active, inactive or over state, with five different sizes, in six file formats.

  • Icongalore has icons for every kind of applications: accounting, email, navigation and folders, network and database, e-commerce and web applications, and many more.

In case you don't find the icons you need, they also have an icon design service. They can customize and make new icons for you for only 35$ each one.

You may also have the need to print some in big format. For this, they can also offer you them in vector format for 25$ each one, which is really affordable.

For being completely sure that the icons are really good, you can download a free sample from their website.

So if you need to make a web design, or need icons for your professional application, for every work, don't forget this valuable resource.

-Emma Alvarez-

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