Famous Paintings Of Flowers

"Sweet letters of the angel tongue, I've loved ye long and well, And never have failed in your fragrance sweet To find some secret spell,-- A charm that has bound me with witching power, For mine is the old belief, That midst your sweets and midst your bloom, There's a soul in every leaf! "
- Mathurin M. Ballou-

We are going to celebrate Spring again and again. The sun shines, and the country smells so well... like flower essences. But in this moment we are going to remember the classical artists with the essence of their talent. Enjoy it!

The Blossoming Almond Tree by Vincent van Gogh

Fleurs Roses Marechal Neil by Ignace Henri Theodore Fantin

Nympheas by Claude Monet

In Poppyland by John Ottis Adams

Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth by Martin Johnson

The flowers in a Rococo vase by Paul Cezanne

Flowers in a Vase by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Le Lit Dans La Glace by Henri Matisse

Madame Valpin with Chrysanthemums by Edgar Degas

Chrysanthemums, Garden at Petit Gennevilliers By Gustave Caillebotte

-Emma Alvarez-

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