My Next Exhibition Will Be In Morocco

I'm so excited with my next exhibition... It will be in Morocco, in Taza city, from 27 to 30 June, in the "TAZA International Fair of Contemporary Art".

Taza is 460 Kms away from Casablanca. Taza has one of the most awesome natural attraction in Morocco, the caves of Friouato, that are many kilometers long, and the deepest part is 150 feet deep.

Gruta del Friuato (6)
Gruta del Friuato, by Novomig

Taza also has some monumental walls of the ancient city that look spectacular, as you see here:

Taza, by Novomig

Some days ago the commissaire of the "TAZA International Fair of Contemporary Art" wrote to me to ask me to be one of the participants of this important international art fair. I must remark the extraordinary kindness of Elmadani Belmadani, that made everything easy for me to send the works and that everything was perfectly organized.

I'm very proud of taking part in this contemporary art fair, that will take place from 27 to 30 of June. I sent 3 of my artworks to Taza, and they arrived today.

I made a special artwork dedicated to this event:

art painting
Dreaming In The Fairies' World by Emma Alvarez

The topic of this fair is "Art in the service of peace and coexistence", and will gather together professionals and experienced artists, collectors, galleries, auctioneers, art lovers and fans from all regions of the world.

The fair is located in the very center of Taza, surrounded by monuments, waterfalls, and historic places. The sponsors of this event are Art Dubai - UAE, Friends Of Morocco -USA, amongst others.

I'm happy with this exhibition that will start the day of my birthday (27th June) and if you are in Taza in these days don't forget to attend to this extraordinary art event.

If you want to see other artists that take part in this exhibition, you can see them here.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Kaye Waller said...

The piece is beautiful! Congratulations, Emma. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Steph!

Sheri said...

This is a beautiful site. I'm spreading the word and have added you to my blog roll call.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Sheri! :)

suruha said...

I am so happy for you, Emma! I sure wish I was going to be there! Congratulations, dearest. You are sure sparkling.



Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you so much Su!

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