Red Cliff A Film For Thinking

Last Saturday I went to see "Red Cliff", a movie of the Chinese film director John Woo. And I want to recommended it because it's a great film, visually excellent and with an interesting plot.

The movie data are:

Director: John Woo

Screenwriter: Terence Chang, John Woo, Khan Chan, Kuo Cheng and Sheng Heyu

Starring: Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Chang Chen, Zhao Wei, Hu Jun

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

This awesome film is an epic and historical drama based on a legendary 208 A.D. battle that heralded the end of the Han Dynasty. The scenes of the movie are really incredible, the battles are a show of perfectly organized strategies. The sceneries of the beautiful China, ships, palaces, the clothes... All perfectly well cared...

There is a scene of this film that is really great, the camera records the flight of a dove crossing the sky. One can feel the sensation of flight. John Woo is without a doubt a very remarkable director.

I never liked war movies, because war is the big fail of human communication, the worst of humanity, but there is a phrase at the end of the film when a character says something like "We won the war" and there is a vision of a lot of died soldiers and the main character says "No one has won today" and I think that phrase is the essence of a war. In a war nobody wins and everybody looses something or someone.

There are other values in the film like friendship, honor, fidelity, that make this film something worth to watch, and then think in peace, in the power of talk and learn to try to get solutions, tolerance...

Has someone thought how much could have humanity advanced if wars had not existed? If cities and civilizations had not been destroyed, built again, and again and again...
Sometimes people talk about how an extraterrestrial civilizations that can travel to other planets may be. And I always thought that it should be non violent, because war and violence make us weak.

-Emma Alvarez-

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