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Fraser Mackay is principal editor at Greendoor Publishing, a new and original service for writers. He is a writer with more than 30 years of experience, and Greendoor is his online service for online editing.

In his website, he tries to inspire new writers to help them develop a creative and innovative style of writing.

The service is specially aimed to new writers, to whom it offers the experienced advice of Mackay and his team. There is a growing section of links for writers and a directory of authors.
As it provides a service of poetry, fiction publishing, each writer has a profile page with photo, contact email, some samples of published works, a short biography of them, and links to his/her website or blog. Not only new writers, but also experienced ones are welcome to join this free services. Consider this as a free directory for writers, that will benefit them as it grows. There is also a service of ghost writing. If you have wondered how is possible that some people like celebrities or politics that lack the skills for writing make those autobiographies and similar, you should know that they use this kind of services.

The most interesting service it offers is the review of writer's works and expert advice. Experienced writers and editors can read your texts and give you an appraisal to tell you how to improve your technique. There's a free service that will give you an idea on how they do it. They will analyze up to four pages of a work of yours, and tell you things like editorial notes, suggestions for your story or poem argument, and where you can publish it. If you like it, you can ask them for a complete analysis of a work, for a modest fee.

-Emma Alvarez-

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