10 Romance Movies That You Must Watch

These romantic movies are not about that easy love that a girl feels for a millionaire (or for his credit card, who knows...) Those are not real love stories.

These are stories of difficulties, and that's what makes them special. Because real love stories have to succeed in many battles to become true.

After this, a list of the best romantic movies:

1- The Notebook

2- Finding Neverland

3- Ever After

4- The Piano

5- Dying Young

6- Message In A Bottle

7- Ghost

8- Moonstruck

9- A Walk In The Clouds

10- Lady Jane

The Notebook, Allie spends the summer in a coastal village and meets Noah, a young boy that works in a factory, and they fell in love with each other. She is a rich girl from the city, and their relationship is not approved by her parents. They have everything against them, but fate and their deep love make them get together again. This story is told by an old man that visits a woman suffering from Alzheimer. He tries to make her remember.

Finding Neverland, J.M. Barrie meets a widow and her 4 children. He uses to visit her. And what began as a series of trivial visits ends changing the lives of them all. A story of pure and platonic love between the widow and Barrie. All the experiences that they lived together became an unforgettable book: "Peter Pan".

Ever After, A new version of Cinderella. Drew Barrymore is a cultured, gorgeous and rebellious young girl that meets a prince. Unlike the classic tales, is she who changes the world of the prince, being a shock in his life. She even saves his life a pair of times. In this story also appears Leonardo Da Vinci, who also takes part in this love story.

The Piano, Ada is a woman whose husband has just died, and she is dumb. She has no money, and her only way to go is to marry someone who she doesn't even know. She travels to new Zealand with her little girl and his piano. The piano is for Ada the only way she has to express herself, as her voice is mute. But her new husband forgives her to keep this piano. A neighbor takes the piano to his house, and lets Ada play in exchange for her company. The piano notes are the unspoken words of Ada. Her strange deal with the neighbor starts to be a passionate love.

Dying Young, Hilary (Julia Roberts) is a girl that has been quite unfortunate and decides to attend an ad in a newspaper. She needs a job. She will have to look after a young man that is ill from leukemia. And they fall in love. Without being able to avoid it, and in the middle of a very difficult situation, love arises.

Message In A Bottle, A divorced journalist with 3 children goes for a walk in the beach and finds a bottle with a love message inside. She decides to search for the author of that message. And she finds him, a widowed sailor man that lives with his father and tries to forget his dead wife. What begins being a common interview turns into something more, as that message in a bottle changes the lives of many people.

Ghost, A thieve truncates the lives of a loving couple. But he knows that she is in danger, so he stays in our world as a ghost to defend her. And he will need the help of a crazy medium to protect his pure love.

Moonstruck, Loretta is an Italian woman that is going to marry with Johnny, a bored single. Johnny goes to Sicily to visit his mother, and asks Loretta to talk with his brother and invite him to their marriage (as his relationship with his brother is not good). But a great feeling is born between Johnny's brother and Loretta.

A Walk In The Clouds, A pregnant girl that was abandoned by her boyfriend meets a young orphan soldier. She convinces him to pretend that he is her husband, and thus be able to visit her family without dishonor. The lie becomes a truth as she gets a true love, and he, a family.

Lady Jane, Lady Jane Grey disagrees with the attitude of English noblemen. They force her to marry with a man, but as time passes, they fall in love. Lady Jane will be the Queen of England, but will be in the middle of a myriad of conspiracies.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...

Lady Jane is one of my favorite romantic historical films. I read a very good novel about Lady Jane Grey written by a 19 year British girl in the 1980s, I think, from which the movie might be based on.

The character of Lady Jane reminded me a little of myself, bookish and though kind would sometimes ask some hard questions that make people jump.

It was so had at the end for her and her husband. I almost cry each time I see her getting ready to be executed, and she cannot find the block.

A terrible crime to do to young people or anyone, and a very good movie. I am also a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter.

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