Interesting Links 02/04/08

3D makes a great compilation of Photoshop tutorials for digital art. There are 100 tutorials, the best of the best.

100 Photoshop tutorials for creating beautiful art

An inspirational video of fantasy, full of magic and art.
A Knock at the door

The portfolios of William Corey. Awesome photos of nature. Watching his photos you can feel a fresh breeze.

Brian Despain's art. He shows his work: an art full of imagination, very original, and with essence of tales, very stunning.
Brian Despain Gallery

Very funny pics of cats, and there are also some dogs. These pets are very crazy.
More Pictures from the Land of Awwws!

Have you sometimes painted a face or something in your hands? Well, this people went beyond what you can imagine.
Hand Painting

Are you a big fan of classic Jazz? Even if you don't, make yourself a favor and have a look. This can surprise you.

-Emma Alvarez-

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