The Decision Of The King

There was a distant country that was in war. The King knew that their defeat was near. His soldiers were very weak and their enemies clearly outnumbered their forces.

The King was a widower, and he only had a daughter that he loved very much. He thought "I don't care if I die, but I would like to protect my daughter". So he went to the rooms of her daughter, and said her: "Dear daughter, I don't want that my enemies could capture you. I don't care if I die, but I want to keep you safe. So cut off your hair, wear these rags. Here you are the royal jewels. Take a horse and get away from here".

The princess said him: "Father, I want to suffer the same luck of the women of our country. I don't fear what they could do to me. I think that what you're asking me is unfair".

Her father didn't want to hear her, and forced her to follow his orders. The princess, with her hair cut off, and wearing rags, rode a horse through the night into the forests.

At dawn, she was away from her kingdom, and decided to stop and went asleep under a tree. So she was found by some generals of a neighbor realm that were going to help the King. They awoke her and said: "You robber, in the middle of a war you're plundering palaces". And without any opportunity of replying, they killed her.

The war was won, and the generals of the neighbor realm knelt before the King. "We are proud of that we have taken part in this war, and we are joyful with your victory. We bring you this". And shaking a sack, they show him his royal jewels. "Here you are the heart of the coward thief that stole your treasures".

In that moment, when the King saw the heart of his daughter, he drop dead. In his funeral, everyone commented "How great was the King that died. His gratitude filled his heart so much, that he couldn't bear it".

-Emma Alvarez-

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