Interesting Links ( Saint Valentine's Day )

Resources has love cards that you can send, with music and poems. also has Saint Valentine's greeting cards with music and animations. There are some very funny. There are also for other occasions.
Saint Valentine Greeting Cards

The most romantic moments in movies.

Lauri Blank is a romantic artist whose paintings have a warm atmosphere, very relaxing.
Lauri Blank Gallery

Because there's also love amongst animals. A very fun gallery of animals.

The real story of a love that has lasted for many years and is still something intense. A very charming couple. They are also bloggers and share a blog called "Listening..Learning..Living", and their story is an example of love for everyone.

Sincerae has written an article about the historic romance of Napoleon and Josephine.
I was once in the palace where Josephine and Napoleon lived, and I remember the luxury of the decoration of the rooms. It was very awesome.
The Original French Romance: Napoleon And Josephine

Alan Jackson is a romantic country singer. He says that all that he lived is resumed in his songs. His official website is this:

You can also hear some of his songs here:

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Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...


Thanks for including the link to my article!

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Hey Emma! you are so nice to put us up on this post! Thanks a million!

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