The Love Of Cupid

Cupid is the name of the God of Love in the Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, he was called Eros.
He is the son of Venus, the Goddess of Love, and of Mars, the God of War. Thus, he represents the passionate love.

Eros is the younger of the gods in the Olympus, and is depicted winged. His rebellious and capricious personality caused great troubles amongst the gods and the mortals, as with his bow and arrows he made people fall in love following his whims. Cupid's arrows symbolize the desire, the feelings and love.

It was said that he used to be in company of his mother, but he even caused problems to her, as he also threw his arrows of love to his mother.

There's a love story between Cupid and Psyche. Psyche was a gorgeous mortal, so beautiful that Venus was very jealous of her, and she sent Cupid to punish her. But when Cupid saw Psyche, he fell in love with her.
As Cupid was a god, and Psyche was mortal, it was forbidden that she can look at him, so they met in the dark. But the sisters of Psyche convinced her to light a candle and see him. Cupid had to punish and abandon her.

And Psyche appeared suddenly transported to a wasteland. In desperation, Psyche came into a temple of the Goddess of Love. Venus wished her dead, so she proposed her a series of hard and difficult challenges. But she managed to overcome them.

So the goddess proposed a last challenge. Psyche will have to carry a small box to the underwater world. The box contained the Beauty, and was for Proserpina (the wife of Pluto). Psyche should not have opened the box, but as she was so curious, she did it. She was punished falling in a deep sleep, similar to death.

Cupid met her laying in the ground, and returned the deadly sleep back to the box, so she awoke.

When the gods saw the strength of the love between Cupid and Psyche, they felt a great compassion for them. So Zeus turned Psyche into a goddess so they could stay together forever.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Hi Emma,

I had an idea about the story, but didn't know that much.
Your blog is full of interesting articles.
The last one I saw when I was here was about Nostradamus.

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