The Notes Of The Tree House

It was a stormy night. Laura had come back home. She had broken off with everything. It was raining with violence but she couldn't even notice the tears falling from her face, nor her soaking wet clothes.

Because pain is this way, and when it's very strong, it becomes dull. She walked through the important places of her childhood, searching for answers, and wondering when her life started to go wrong.
She saw her old house in the tree, and without thinking it twice, she climbed. She turned on the old oil lamp, and wrote in a paper: "And when does one start to go wrong in life?"

The following day was radiantly sunny, and she went back to the tree house. She wanted to see it again, but this time under the light of the sun. She climbed up, and found a note in the floor that said: "When we stop living as we want, to start living as others want us to live".

When she read the note, Laura was very shocked. It seemed an answer to her note... but it was impossible.
She searched in every corner but there was no traces of her own note. She looked outside, but there was nobody. Everything was in silence.
Could that note be there the previous night and maybe she didn't see it? Feeling an impulse, she wrote another note: "And why do we live as others want us to live?", and threw it to the floor like in the previous night.

During all the day, she found herself looking over her shoulder to see if someone was after her. At night, she returned to the tree house. She could not contain herself.

And she found another note, that said:"Because we seek the acceptance of others".

Her hand started trembling. That was a madness. But she wrote another note: "And why, when we have the acceptance of others, we are not happy?"

The following morning, she returned to the tree house. That game could be dangerous, but she worried no more. She wanted answers.
Now, her greatest fear was not finding another note. When she saw a paper in the floor, her heart jumped. "Because acceptance starts for oneself".

When she read that, she started to cry, very strong and loud. Because, some way, those words had returned her to life. And we cry when we're born.
That way, Laura cried like a new born baby that discovers light and life.

And she wrote another note: "And who are you?"

That night she came back to the tree house. And with her shaking hands, she took the new note, that said "Your heart".

And then, Laura felt as if her body fell from very high. She opened her eyes. It was night still. It was raining with violence. She was very excited. She had a hard work to do: start living, but this time, truly.

Images (in order): Impure Thoughts,by JusT-ShanT; Old House Down By The Swamp, by RobinRoels; House In Tree, by Hanci; The Road Home, by AsylumWitch.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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Emma Alvarez said...

So I always say that my readers are the best of the world :)

Mirage Chopper said...

Very inspiring Emma! :) By way, I really like the picture on top, I would love to have a copy of that hanging in my living room.

Emma Alvarez said...

If you click the image, Mirage Chopper, you can go to the author's site and buy his work.

Emma Alvarez said...

Ah, and remember to drop by my DeviantArt gallery. Have a look:

Outdoors2 said...

Wonderful story Emma
Your Pages and artwork are really coming of their own...Keep on, keeping on
How have ya been?
I added your link to my Wordpress also.
Well wishes...;)



Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Outdoors2 :)

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Neil!

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