Recent Eruption Of Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano, in Hawaii, has erupted yesterday July 9, 2008. The waves of lava reach, in this moment, 12 meters of height.

Since 1983, Kilauea has recovered its volcanic activity. Since then, the eruptions happen very often. This makes tourists have preference for this area of Hawaii, because the lava creates very interesting rock formations like this that you see below:

Lava tubes at Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano is one of the biggest volcanoes of the planet. It is located in the island of Mauna Loa (Hawaii).

The Hawaiians say that Kilauea is the home of the goddess Pele, the Goddess Of Fire.

Although the eruptions of Kilauea are very impressive, as they emit a big amount of liquid lava, they haven't violent explosions, so there's no high risk for the population.

Here you can see images of other previous eruptions of Kilauea. These images are as beautiful as terrible.

This is a video of one of the awesome eruptions of Kilauea. Images like these can be seen in Hawaii just now.

Although Kilauea is a volcano that erupts very often, its eruptions are not too dangerous. Some months ago I wrote an article about the supervolcano of Yellowstone. If that supervolcano erupted, it could cause very terrible damages.

Images (in order): A View Into Hell, by Steve Navarro; Lava Tubes At Kilauea, by Irargerich; Halema'uma'u Crater On Kilauea Volcano, by Guano; Fire And Stars, by Bobster1985; Kilauea Volcano At Mauna Ulu, by Image Editor;

-Emma Alvarez-

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proxy site said...

Lava remind us of , how volcano can be brutal . But mother nature look so beautiful.

Emma Alvarez said...

It's really nice watching it at a security distance. LOL

bokjae said...

Great photos emma! Been there in the mid 80's! I've something for you at my place, come get it! Thanks!

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