Symbology Of Sun, Moon And Stars

From the Antiquity, and in all cultures, the Sun, the Moon and the stars have been depicted. This is not done by mere observation of the skies, but it goes much beyond, acquiring a symbolic value.
When we see these depictions, we give them an unconscious meaning, even if we ignore it rationally.

The Sun
The Sun has a male essence, of protection. Suns were often sculpted in warriors' shields. From the Antiquity, the Sun was thought as son of the sky. It symbolizes reasoning, justice and will.

The symbolic value of the Sun is so strong that everything that is similar to it, like for example, gold, acquired soon a big material or spiritual value, by association with the Sun.

The Sun also symbolizes energy, heat and sexual passion. Many ancient people thought that the Sun was who gave life to humans and animals. They thought that the heat of bodies came from the Sun. This way, the Sun was seen as a life giver.

The Moon
The Moon has a female nature. In the Antiquity some defined the Moon as the lord of women.

The Moon was identified with women because the lunar cycles are linked to the physiological cycles of women.

The Moon also represents renovation, resurrection due to the lunar phases, in which the Moon evolves.

As the Moon is the cause of tides, it is identified as the medium between the sky and the earth.

The associated metal of the moon is silver.

The Moon is also related to the unconscious, to mystery, because its light wraps the objects and things can't be seen clearly, giving them a mysterious halo. This way, it is connected with magic and fantasy.

The Stars
The Stars symbolize the spirit. They are often depicted in big number, and then they symbolize the battle against darkness. They are also associated with the cosmical order and destiny.

Depending on the number of points, the symbolic meaning varies, influenced by the symbolic value of each number.

The 5 points inverted star is the symbol of the Devil. It's like the spirit against the order of God. The star of 5 points not inverted symbolizes the human being and is used in white magic.

The 6 points star is the star of David, and its meaning is the union of God with humanity. It's the star of the Hebrew religion.

The star of 7 points as a mystical meaning, and is often used in magic. We mustn't forget that the number 7 is a sacred number from the Antiquity.

The star of 8 points symbolizes plenitude, maturity, and reincarnation, the cycle of life.

The 9 points star symbolizes success, stability, and positiveness.

Images (in order): The Bird And The Sun, by Luza; Full Moon Night, by Luza; Dreams And Stars, by Rosemary McKevitt;

-Emma Alvarez-

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