50 More Ubuntu Apps For Design And Developing

The reasons why people choose Linux are because it's safer (a must-have if you want to run your home server), has a low use of resources, it's free... But it has always been hard to use.
With the arrival of Ubuntu, this is not a problem anymore. Ubuntu is Linux for all.

These programs can be run in any Linux system, but this list is called as Ubuntu apps because they can be installed with Synaptic directly or are already prepared to be installed as .deb packages.

In the previous post:

Top Best 50 Ubuntu Opensource Applications For Design And Developing

was proved that Linux can be used for design and developing very successfully.

Following, 50 more Ubuntu apps for design and developing:

2D Graphic Design

Inkscape, A professional tool for vector graphics design. It's like Freehand for Linux. Not as easy as Xara, but with more tools.

GIMP, GIMP is to Linux what Photoshop is to Windows. It can manipulate images, apply filters, and even capture the screen. Have a look also to the GIMPshop mod that was named in the other list.

Krita, A good image editor, that has layers and many tools.

F-Spot, Photo manager that can do basic editing of photos and also make a photo CD.

Scribus, Desktop publishing suite, very complete professional tool for any printed document.

Cenon, A complex suite of applications that can do many things from desktop publishing to vector graphics drawing.

Scrot, An application for the console terminal to capture the screen.

Panorama Tools, Complete set of tools to generate panorama images of landscapes.

Gimp-gap, A set of plugins for The Gimp to make animations and movies.

KoverArtist, Create CD covers with this easy and clean application, with images, titles, etc.

gColor2, A simple and easy color picker.

Hugin, Useful to do panoramas from photos, for example for website headers. A panorama is a photo, usually of outdoors, that has no visible borders.

3D Design

Wings3D, This modeler can export to 3ds, nendo, vrml and others, and apply textures and materials.

FreeWRL, VRML and X3D (the two languages for interactive 3d worlds) viewer.

, Fast viewer for a wide range of popular 3d formats.

WhiteDune, Complete application for creating, modifying, and animating scenes of VRML and X3D.

Video Editors

Jahshaka, Not only an application but an enormous suite to edit video and apply all kind of effects.

Slideshow Creator, Made with Gambas (Basic), this application allows you to make high quality slideshows with transition effects and music and save them in DVD format.

Kino, Capture and edit videos from a DV Camera with ease.

RecordMyDesktop, Records all that you do in your desktop in video.

System Tools

Endeavour Mark II, (package: endeavour2) Another file explorer that has trashcan and image explorer.

Krusader, Dual panel explorer for KDE that has many good features and modern look.

XFE, A file explorer with bookmarks, dual panel and a very interesting trashcan feature. The trashcan is missing in some Linux distros, so it may be valuable to many. It is also lightweight, using a bit less than 2 mb of ram.

gParted, Interface for partitioning your hard disk drive, and make it a bit easier, without having to reinstall everything.

Wine, In case you miss some Windows application or a game, Wine can run it, 'cos it is a Windows emulator.

Filelight, Displays a circular graph of the space used by your files, so you know when you have big files (for example, images of your work) that if you backup them you'll save space.

GDmap, Another program that displays space used by files, but with squares.

, Just for Ubuntu and Debian. Allows to backup your packages installed in a CD so you can have them ready to install in another computer without having to connect to Internet. A very valuable tool for those without Internet connection and also for doing backups.

Programming Tools

Crystal Space, Professional platform to develop 3D games, used in some famous games like Keepsake.

Eclipse, A programmers editor that is the competence of Netbeans, with many plugins.

QuantaPlus, HTML and other web languages editor that has many interesting features like visual CSS editor.

JEdit, Huge programmer's editor that supports many languages, and is written in Java, as says its name.

, A text and programming editor which has printing previews, and customizable colors, and is very lightweight.

Productivity Tools

Katapult, A program launcher simple and very customizable.

Beagle, Search tool that can find almost everything that you did or have in your computer.

RSSOwl, A feed reader that allows to open the news in its integrated browser,or in the one you choose.

BasKet, A very complete solution to organize all kind of stuffs with impressive looking. You can add an icon to each entry, link anything, insert any image or type of data... all displayed very eye-candy.

Meld, A simple but powerful small tool that can compare two files or directories and tell you the differences, or merge them.

tkdiff, Compares two files and tells you the differences, and has a graphic showing them all.

HomeBank, If you work as a designer or developer, you may earn money, so you may need an application to take note of your expenses or earnings.

TaskCoach, Organize what you must do (your tasks) with a very attractive interface.

FreeMind, Java application that helps you to organize your thoughts and projects visually.

Sunbird, Calendar application by Mozilla, light and fast, and visually appealing.

Sound And Music Edition

Rosegarden, Complete suite for music and score creation and MIDI.

Audacity, Sound editor used by many people, that can capture and edit audio.

Ardour, Multi-track sound studio to record and mix music.


QCad, A CAD program to draw planes and industrial design.

, 2D CAD editor to make all kind of industrial design.

Webmaster Tools

gFTP, This FTP program has a very easy layout, with a dual panel, and supports secure protocols.

Wink, A tool to make manuals and tutorials. Can export to pdf for printed manuals, and flash and html for online tutorials. Has a lot of possibilities.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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Bob Hazard said...

Great follow-up to the previous post.

I lost GD Map somewhere on my travels and I couldn't remember what it was called, thanks.

It's great for finding those mystery gigabytes that lurk in folders that you forgot about, such as old downloads and temp files.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Bob, yes sometimes one forgets what you have :)
Sometimes I look at my old cds and say "Ooh!" lol

hkwint said...

Impressive! I was basically looking for some design / animation suggestions for Linux in general (not an Ubuntu user) to make some 'animations' to explain about Linux (aimed at current Windows user), but I came across more programs I could use. Six tabs opened right now, I need to check them out.

Especially the pictures and short concise descriptions were very good. It's also a good thing to see you really 'listened' to the comments and suggestions and included these in your second listing.

Don't mind about the people complaining, there's always been some tension between the people reaching out to new Linux users - and the more conservative Linux users. I can understand both viewpoints, and there may be some concerns about some applications missing in the list (but that's natural with thousands of apps out there) and some of them not being free, but when it comes to making suggestions for programs to look at / check out this list is great.

The next time someone says Linux is lacking applications I know where to send him/her to!

Two (more) suggestions: When I just started using Linux I was very happy to find out about the existence of xpaint - basically MS Windows 'paint' for Linux - and for a simple tool for 'mindmapping' I use KDissert right now, which isn't to bad either.

Thanks for your effort of creating the lists, and keep up the good work,


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you HKwint and remember to see the previous list about Ubunu the link is at the beginning of this post. So they're really 100 apps, not 50.

Anonymous said...

Ubuntu is by no means the only easy Linux distribution. Other easy distros are Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, openSUSE, Fedora, Debian, MEPIS, LinuxMint, Sabayon, Zenwalk... Year by year, all Linux distros become easier to use when the desktop environments (KDE, GNOME, XFCE) become more intuitive and hardware detection and auto-configuration features are improved.

My favourite Linux app is LyX because it adds professional typesetting to my text documents. When LyX saves my text documents in PDF files, they look really nice and beautiful, like the text in printed books.

Anonymous said...

Where's Blender 3d? If you're list doesn't have it, it might as well not even exist.

Emma Alvarez said...

Dear Anonymous, Blender3D is on the first list of Top Best for Ubuntu. The link for that list is at the beginning of this article. That is why this is called "50 More..."
Have a look to the first list, and you'll see the link to Blender3D.
Peace on you.

HAI said...

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