The Top Ten Action Comedy Movies

You'll never get tired of seeing many of these movies hundreds of times. If you missed one of them, I recommend you to see it. Doesn't matter if you have seen them many times, they are movies that make you laugh, and laugh heartily.

The mix of humor and action is always a success. If you add good actors to that, the result are those movies that you want to keep forever.

After this, a list of the best action comedy movies:

1- Johnny English

2- Police Academy

Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot

Turner & Hooch

5 - Showtime

6- The Gods Must Be Crazy

7- Kindergarten Cop

8- Ghostbusters

9- Beverly Hills Cop

10- Crocodile Dundee

Johnny English, Rowan Atkinson is Johnny English, a disastrous British spy. As he is the only available spy, they order him: first, the protection of the Queen's jewels, and after that, the investigation of their robbery.

Police Academy, things are going to change and the Police Academy will have no restriction to admit anyone to become a policeman. Everyone will be able to be a policeman, it doesn't matter if they are mad, or are disastrous, useless, or a living danger.

Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, Joe Bomowsky is a hard policeman that will suffer the unexpected visit of his mother, a charming woman that without being able to avoid it, will show photos of his son wearing diapers, and tells everyone the most ridiculous and ashaming details of his son. The worse is yet to come, as his mother becomes the only witness of a crime. Mother and son will have to work together.

Turner & Hooch, Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) is a very meticulous and methodical policeman. When he is about to move to another town, he gets involved in a case in which the only witness is a dog. A very dirty and bad tempered dog. Scott has to learn to live with it and its manners to solve the case.

Showtime, Robert DeNiro plays the part of a strict and meticulous policeman. Eddy Murphy is a policeman that wants to be an actor. They both will be involved in a reality show called "Showtime" that consists in following them all day long. They have to be together although their relationship can't be worse.

The Gods Must Be Crazy, one day, some bushmen see a coke bottle falling from the sky. What in a first moment seems to be a blessing causes big problems to them so one of the bushmen decides to return it to the Gods. Soon, he will find a biologist that does the funniest nonsenses when he is presence of a woman. He will have to pick up a girl that will stay for a time in Africa. When they too meet together, the disasters begin.

Kindergarten Cop, John Kimble is a very hard cop. He's been for years after a big drug trafficker. To try to solve the case, he will have to disguise himself as a kindergarten teacher. And he discovers that children may be "terrible"...

Ghostbusters, Three parapsychologists from New York decide to found a business that consists in searching and capturing ghosts. The ghost activity of New York overflows and the three will have to save the city.

Beverly Hills Cop, Axel Foley is a detective policeman from Detroit that travels to Los Angeles to find out who killed a friend of him. His investigation "skills" are very different to those from LA. In a short time, he becomes the nightmare of LA cops.

Crocodile Dundee, Michael Dundee is a hero in his village. He hunts crocodiles and has a different way of living life. A reporter from New York convinces him to follow her in her return. Dundee will discover that new yorkers are can be more "dangerous" and unpredictable than crocodiles.

-Emma Alvarez-

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