56 Flash Tutorials

Flash is one of the most used animation programs. It is useful for animating both vector graphics as well as bitmaps. Some go even further and create complete web pages entirely with Flash.

Many of the adds found in Internet are done with this program, because with it you can create fun and imaginative adds. Flash brings movement to the web sites.

The following tutorials will help you to learn new techniques, or maybe to remember them. But mainly, they'll be source of inspiration and ideas.

(Click the images to go to the tutorials)

Add Design

Water Effects



Character Animation


Visual Effects

Text Effects

Mask Animation

Animated Backgrounds

Light Effects



-Emma Alvarez-

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millermc said...

Gracias por la aclaración Emma!, ya actualicé mi post. Saludos!


Emma Alvarez said...

Gracias a ti Millermc por tu honradez

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Saul!

My blogger said...

hola que tal como estás me podrias recomendar un sitio donde pueda bajar algunas galerias echas en flash pero super creativas gracias tu sitio muy bueno

Emma Alvarez said...

Hi My Blogger, here you are this page:


This page is very inspirational and has a lot of examples.

Phill Smith said...

Just discovered your wonderful site. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and art. I will be back often.

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