Thomas Kinkade, The Painter Of Christmas Light

Thomas Kinkade was born a 19th January of 1958 in Placerville (California). His parents divorced when he was 5 years old. He always felt a strong interest for art.

There was not too much money in his home, and he worked as a paperboy. When he was 16 years old, he started to work as a painter apprentice of the artist Glen Wessels. His mother was his biggest support in his love for painting.

After ending his College studies, he worked in the cinema making images for animation movies.

In 1982 he marries with his childhood sweetheart, Nanette, with whom he will have 4 daughters: Merrit, Chandler, Winsor and Everett. Two years after their marriage, he and his wife started to publish their paintings together.

His artwork is full of nostalgia. Thomas Kinkade is also known as "The Painter of Light". His work has a big influence of an American group of painters from the XIX century called "Luminists".

In his paintings there's an abundance of Christian symbology. Thomas Kinkade is a man with a deep spirituality. In his spare time, he does numerous charity works.
He also has a big sense of humor. Each painting is a tribute to his wife and daughters, so he hides their names or initials in his paintings.

Each year, he gains more and more followers, attracted by his landscapes full of charm and peace.
Thomas Kinkade is a family man, a generous spirit. He makes of serenity and tranquility the secret of his success.

-Emma Alvarez-

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