North Pole And The Inukshuks

The North Pole is the zone of Earth where the axis of rotation is. Its contrary is the South Pole. In the North Pole is the Arctic Ocean.

The first explorer that is known to have reached the North Pole was called Robert Edwin Peary. He reached the North Pole in 1909, with his assistant Matthew Henson, and four Eskimos.

The North Pole is also known as the Arctic. The word comes from the Greek "artus", and from the Latin "ursus", and means "land of bears". Among the North Pole fauna there are polar bears, seals, and sea creatures that live under the so called "sea ice", that is another name of the Arctic Ocean. Among the vegetation can be found lichens and other small plants that are able to resist the extreme cold. In the most external zones of the North Pole, there is more presence of vegetation and fauna.

The so called "pole star" points to the North Pole, being a natural compass. In this place is where the Aurora Borealis can be more easily watched (also called Northern Lights).

The North Pole is covered by eternal snow. Some say that due to the global warm-up, this snow could disappear in 40 years. With this, the sea level all over the globe would increase. All this would produce a climate change.

Sometimes, in the North Pole can be found strange figures called Inukshuk. They symbolize the human race, and serve as a guide for the Eskimos in their travels.

Let's hope that the global warm-up can be stopped some way and these gorgeous landscapes are not lost.

-Emma Alvarez-

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yumuju4 said...

What strange sculptures, the Inukshuks! I had no idea of that. Why are that called Inukshuks? What does that name mean?

Emma Alvarez said...

Yumuju4, Inukshuk means "likeness of person".

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Vladimir, really amazing photographs that you have sent.

Mark Antony said...

Superb pictures..I think it will be a great tragedy if scenes like these are lost to global warming. Not only that, but the catastrophic effects like rising seas will be upon us.

I get fed up with those who still associate climate change as only Mediterranian style sunny weather.

Here's to a Happy New Year Emma :)

Emma Alvarez said...

Happy New Year Mark!!!

The other day, on the radio, they were explaining how some countries are already "devilering" what will last of the North Pole when it gets melt. Don't forget the North Pole has petrol and natural gas.
Politics want the North Pole to be melt. On the other side, if they say it openly, they give a bad impression to their citizens.
So they will raise the taxes to stop the ice melting, they'll use our money to play golf, and will rub their hands thinking in how much money they will earn when the North Pole gets melt, and how stupid all we are.

Unknown said...

Great pictures! North pole is a wonderful place. It's so exiting to stay on the top of the world. You should visit it! We made it in 2013 and i still remember all details. It was north pole cruise from

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