Nostradamus And His Prophecies

Nostradamus was born in the December 14th, of 1503. His real name was Michel de Nostredame. His father was a wealthy notary and his two grandfathers were famous doctors.

From his early youth he was interested in maths and astrology. He studied medicine, but had to interrupt his studies due to the Plague. He had to travel all along France to help the diseased of this illness. In this travel, he met alchemists and Cabbala studious that were clandestine.

His skills for pharmacy made him possible to create what was named "the rose pill", that was very known as a remedy to stop the Plague. The famous pill was just a strong dose of Vitamin C.

In 1529 he received his doctorate in medicine, and worked teaching medicine. Years later, he married and had two children. The three died due to the Plague. The lost of his family was very hard for Nostradamus.

Due to a blaspheme comment he did to a cleric, he was asked for explanations by the Inquisition. After freeing from the Inquisition, he went to travel around France and Italy, in search of internal peace. In that moment, he started to investigate in mysticism. It is said that in this travel he started to develop his "prophetic powers".

In 1547 he married with Anne Ponsarde, a somewhat wealthy woman. Nostradamus got away from medicine and entered in occultism. In this times, he was very well known for knowing the future. He started a cosmetic business, and to sell almanacs that had predictions written for each month.

The Inquisition was watching him close. Nostradamus had quite fear for Inquisition. He had heard about the horrible tortures and people that had been sentenced to death. So to avoid having problem with the Inquisition, he wrote his prophecies with numerous plays on words. He even wrote his prophecies in several languages... Greek, Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabian... So that's the reason of why his prophecies are so arcane.

His book "Les Propheties" is probably the most famous, translated, and spread book of prophecies in History. The first edition was published in 1555.

"The Prophecies" is written in verse. It talks about the future of the world until the year 3797, year in which, following Nostradamus, it will be the Apocalypse.

Nostradamus prophesied the death on Henri II of France. When that prophecy became true, the French Court covered Nostradamus with honor, and asked him for advice constantly.

In 1558, he did another edition of "The Prophecies", adding more prophecies.

The life of Nostradamus was surrounded with controversy. There were who called him a fraud, and who called him a prophet.

One of his sons (that he had with Anne Posardes), Michel de Nostradamus, followed the steps of his father. Michel prophesied that a village called Pouzin will be devoured by the flames. Michel was caught setting the village on fire, so that way his prophecies would be true. For this crime, Michel Nostradamus was sentenced to death.

Nowadays, the prophecies of Nostradamus are studied with care by people from all over the world. Their crypticism generates many interpretations.
Nostradamus started a new way of predicting the future full of mysteries, metaphors and prophecies.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Mark Antony said...

Hi Emma,

I used to almost "rely" on Nostradamus prophecies when I was younger. By that I did not worry too much about the current situation, if there was a global crisis (and often there was one) simply because Nostradamus was alledged to have made predictions for later dates!

Other words, his words infered there will still be a world tomorrow I guess.

I never knew so many facts about him though, like he had the Plague and his marriage.

Emma Alvarez said...

Hi Mark, your way of thinking in Nostradamus was very positive. I really never understood his predictions, I think that all them have too many interpretations.

ogugua onyema j said...

Hi Emma,
Your work on Nostrademus was a good one.But I really want to know if the man,Nostrademus, was really gifted or not/
onyema ogugua

Emma Alvarez said...

I think that not, but who knows...

ravi shankar said...

Nostradamus in his codes predicts 92 Years of peace between the Second World War and the third world war. Hence we arrive at the Year 2037 which ushers in catastrophic changes. The comet ( Jan 2037) and asteroid ( June 2040) according to the Book of Revelations would destroy one third of the land and one third of the sea respectively submerging countries like Britain, Japan, South Africa, Singapore, parts of USA ( San Francisco) and ancient civilizations. After the 3 1/2 Years of peace war will breakout in 2041. India will be occupied by China. China and Russia will annex and occupy USA. Europe will be devastated by the Islamic invaders lead by the Mahdi of Greater Arabia who sports a blue turban launching nuclear weapons on it. The war would see 200 million soldiers kill 3 billion people. Read for Hindu prophecies which mentions Kalki (Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya born in 1965-66 ) will restore law and order and usher in 1000 Years of peace from 2064 onwards.

Anonymous said...

Centuria X
Cuarteta 72
El año mil novecientos noventa y nueve siete meses,
Del cielo vendrá un gran Rey de terror:
Resucitar el gran Rey de Angolmois,
Antes después Marte reinar por dicha
Nostradamus nos habla de algo que vendrá del cielo y que provocará gran terror entre los humanos.
¿Que puede venir del cielo que provoque tanto temor entre la humanidad?
Un asteroide.
Cuando los astrónomos descubren un nuevo asteroide el nombre que le ponen es el del año en que ha sido descubierto.
En 1999 astrónomos descubrieron un asteroide que se acercará peligrosamente a la Tierra en el año 2027 y en 2039.
Asteroide que lleva por nombre 1999 AN10.
¿Nostradamus nos está dando el nombre del asteroide en su cuarteta y nos dice que se va a estrellar contra la Tierra?
¿ Nos está diciendo que después de la caída del asteroide la guerra reinará felizmente? ( Marte dios de la guerra en la mitología romana )
Centuria I
Cuarteta 69
La gran montaña redonda de siete estadios,
Después paz, guerra, hambre, inundación.
Rodará lejos abismando grandes regiones,
Aún antiguas, y gran fundación.
Montaña redonda se refiere a la forma que tiene el asteroide y nos dice el tamaño , siete estadios , unidad de longitud romana equivalente a 134 metros.
El tamaño que nos da para el asteroide es aproximadamente de mil metros , la misma que tiene el asteroide 1999 AN10.
Nos dice en la cuarteta que antes de la caída del asteroide habrá paz pero después vendrá la guerra y que la caída del asteroide provocará inundación, de esta forma nos está diciendo que caerá en el mar, abismando (inundando) grandes regiones.
En el apocalipsis de San Juan también se habla de la caída de un asteroide en el mar.
"El segundo ángel toco la trompeta, y como una gran montaña ardiendo en fuego fue precipitada en el mar; y la tercera parte del mar se convirtió en sangre y murió la tercera parte de los seres vivientes que estaban en el mar, y la tercera parte de las naves fue destruida" (Apocalipsis 8:8,9)
Century 10
Quatrain 72
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un gran Roy d'effrayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.
Nostradamus escribió sus cuartetas en francés, si observamos la primera línea se puede traducir por "El año 1999" y al mismo tiempo nos está dando el nombre del asteroide "El an 1999".
También observamos que Nostradamus ha incluido la cuarteta del asteroide en la décima (10) centuria dándonos más pistas sobre el nombre completo del asteroide que en un futuro impactará contra la tierra.
Asteroide an10 1999.

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