Christmas Carols For Rockers

Twisted Sister made a X-mas album called "Twisted Christmas". One of their songs is this version of "Oh come ye faithful".
The video is really fun and hilarious. A different way of living Christmas.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra have some albums about Christmas Carols. This song is "Christmas Canon" belonging to their album "The Christmas Attic".
Good voices, good guitars...Good music.

Sex Pistols also had their Christmas Carol and was called "Punk Rock Christmas". A very good song, very Sex Pistol's style.

So folks now you can not tell that you don't like the Christmas carols because they are "so sweet..."

-Emma Alvarez-

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Greeneyezz said...

I have seen The Trans-Siberian Orchestra before!

What a treat! What a complete treat! The only way I can describe it is an Inspirational Rock-Opera with a Kick Ass Light Show!

Several of the performers had wireless guitars and had come out into the audience rocking all the way to the back of the Theatre.

I have three of their CD's and often play them this time of year. Their "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" CD, I think is the best. I've had to fight back tears at the beautiful story within it.

What a true Christmas Treasure. Thanks for reminding me, I think I'll put it on now.

Merry Christmas Emma!


Emma Alvarez said...

I love Trans-Siverian Orchestra and your description of them ;)
Merry Christmas my dear Greeneyezz.

Ion said...

Great clips, it's for the first time a see
those, thanks for sharing ;)

Merry Christmas Emma!

Balázs Béla said...

I love the Trans-Siberian orchestra song, it's great.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Ionel and Balazbela. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my best wishes for you.

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