Beowulf, Epic Hero, From Comic To Movies

Beowulf is an epic poem, of unknown author. The poem had no title, until the XIX century, when it is called Beowulf. This poem mixes real elements with fictitious. It's written in England, but it's about Scandinavian. Was diffused through oral tradition.

And as a curiosity, Tolkien liked this epic poem very much.

The epic poem is about the adventures of Beowulf, a brave warrior.
Beowulf was nephew of the king Hygelac. Amongst other heroic actions, he showed a big bravery in the battles against the Swedish.

His first great feat was in a fight against Breka, a noble from the Hygelac court. Breka and Beowulf were fighting for five days in the sea, until the sea separated them. Breca could arrive to the coast, but Beowulf hadn't the same luck, and was fighting with marine monsters. But he was victorious. When he went to see the king, Hygelac gave him a present: the sword Nageling.

Another heroic action was to defeat the terrible monster Grendel.
Grendel was a terrible threat for his village. In a first confrontation, Beowulf managed to cut Grendel's arm. But the mother of Grendel went to recover the arm when everyone was sleeping. Grendel's mother was also a menace for them all, so Beowulf followed the tracks of the blood of Grendel's arm. Finally, Beowulf killed both.

When Beowulf had an advanced age, he also defeat a dragon helped by his friend Wiglaf. But in this fight he was seriously wounded and died. But it was said that he died with satisfaction. Because they discovered the treasures that the dragon was caring. So the death of Beowulf brought wealth and security to his country.

He was buried in a barrow that was called as him: Beowulf.

Between 1975 and 1976 DC Comics published 6 comics based in the epic poem. Its authors were Michael Usan and Ricardo Villamonte.

There were other adaptations to the character of Beowulf in comics books. Authors like: Gareth Hinds, Jerry Bingham, Mike Weller, Alexis E. Fajardo, Astrid Anand and Bill Carroll gave life to the mythic warrior.

Lately, Beowulf has been brought to the cinema. The director Robert Zemeckis has directed the latest adaptation of the epic poem, starring by Ray Winstone, Antony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich amongst others.

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Mirage Chopper said...

This is so cool. You always come up with the most interesting things to post about! If I could be a comic book hero, I wonder what they would call me? Hmmm. Good to visit again :)

Bloggeries said...

Great post Emma, very informative. I saw it in the 3D IMAX version yesterday; if you get the chance I highly recommend it.

Emma Alvarez said...

Chopper, to be a comic hero isn't cool. Always with the same clothes and never stop working and all finish crazy... :P

Bloggeries, all actors are good, but I think that is a review of an old movie and not follows too well the epic poem. But I suppose it would be entertaining.

stevedimatteo said...

I loved reading Beowulf, and I think I will do it again before I see the movie, which I am also very excited for. I had no idea it was a small comic book series. Thanks for that.

Noelevz said...

I really love this film! The CGs are really superb!

Emma Alvarez said...

Stevedimatteo, you can find some comics in e-bay

Noelevz, I have heard that the movie was stunning.

Beowulf said...

Can someone redirect me too some Beowulf comics, i really love to read them,,,,He is like Hercules in many ways.
Their should be more Movies of him.

Beowulf said...

Can someone redirect me too Beowulf comics,,would love to read them

Emma Alvarez said...

You can see them here:

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