When The Wolf Comes Three Times

The Wolf And The Dog

One day, the wolf approached a dog that was guarding the sheep, and said: "Don't be afraid, I won't take any sheep. I just want to know how pleasant is your job".

The dog told him: "Not bad. I just have to care the sheep, and praise my owner. So he gives me some bones, and even the leftovers of what he eats!"

The wolf stared at the dog. He was big and stout. However, the wolf was hungry and very thin.
"Not a bad job at all" -said the wolf- "And what's that thing you are wearing in the neck?"

"It's a collar. It's for tying me."

"For tying you? Do they tie you? And can't you run free?", asked the wolf.

"Run? Where to? And what for?"

The wolf said goodbye to the dog. And ran free through the forest, feeling the wind and smelling the country flowers. Then, he remembered the dog, and felt sorry for him.

The Wolf And The Mother

The wolf saw the farmer getting away from his house. And thought "This is the chance to get close and try to steal some food".
He approached the house and saw a woman with a baby in her arms. The mother was saying to the baby: "Don't you cry. If you cry, the wolf will hear you, and he is very strong and big".

When the wolf heard this, felt very proud of himself. And, praised, watched his own image reflected in the window. Amazed of his image, got distracted, and when he noticed, the woman was pointing at him with a shotgun.
The wolf stared her frightened. But her shotgun jammed, and was unable to fire the wolf.

This way, the wolf was able to scape. The wolf watched the woman from between the bushes. No one was never so close to kill him. She seemed fragile and weak.

Since that day, he never trusted those who seem weak and flattering.

The Wolf And The Sheep

Once upon a time, a wolf saw a sheep that was tied. And thought "How easy will be to hunt her".
When he approached the sheep, she said "Do you know why my owner tied me? Because I am very dangerous and the flock is in danger with me."

The wolf laughed, and said her "You silly, you try to fool me..."

The sheep answered "Do you think my owner would risk to loose my wool, my milk and my meat?"

The wolf went away. Having so much self confidence... she must be right.

Nowadays, that sheep is still laughing at that wolf.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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Greeneyezz said...

Wow! Great fable!
I love stories that have other, more significant meanings behind them.

They make you think.

Good stuff Emma. ;)


Emma Alvarez said...

Ty Greeneyes, I love fables because they help us to see the things with other eyes.

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