Pegasus,The Winged Horse Of The Skies

Poseidon seduced Medusa in the Athena's temple. Athena got angry for this desecration, so she cursed Medusa. She turned her hair into snakes, and all those who dare to look at her eyes would be turned into stone.

Perseus, Greek hero, searched for Medusa as he needed his head to defeat the marine monster called Ceto. This monster was so strong that the only way to beat it was showing it the head of Medusa, so it will be petrified.

Perseus cut the head of Medussa off. And Pegasus emerged from her spilled blood.

Pegasus is depicted as a gorgeous white winged horse that rides across the sky. According to the legend, where it passed, water gushed out. This is because Pegasus is symbolic descendant of Poseidon, who is not only the God of Oceans, but also of the rivers, fountains, lakes...

It was said that Pegasus lived in the mount Helicon, until the Greek hero Bellerophon went to capture him.
Bellerophon needed Pegasus to carry him flying to the Olympus, where the Gods lived.

Zeus realized this, and sent an insect to bite Pegasus. When this happened, Bellerophon lost control over Pegasus. He fell to the ground over a bramble bush, and this left him blind and lame.

Pegasus continued flying to the Olympus, and there was welcomed by Zeus. Since then, Pegasus carries the lightnings for Zeus.

Pegasus fell in love with Euippe, and was father of Celeris and Melanippe, that were the origin of the race of winged horses.

Zeus placed the figure of Pegasus in the night skies, as the constellation that has its name.

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This was interesting I didn't know all that about the Pegsus.

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I really love greek myths,especially the tale of pegasus is really very interesting.Ilearned many things about pegasus like its origin and others.

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Nice article and amazing pictures. Very informative. Thanks!

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