The Top Ten Asian Movies

The asian cinema started to be popular in the Westerner with the martial arts films. Later, manga productions were widely known all over the globe. And nowadays, asian cinema in all genres (terror, fantasy, drama, comedy...) is synonym of success in all the world.

Its originality, passion, art, and creativity makes asian movies win more and more fans every day.

After this, a list of the best asian movies:

1- Curse of the Golden Flower

2- House of Flying Daggers

3- Ran

4- Houzhe (To live!)

5- The Eye

6- Unagi

7- Shower

8- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

9- The Seven Samurai

10- Fist of Fury

They are films with action, great passions, impossible love, and over all, very spectacular, both at an emotional level as visually.

Curse of the Golden Flower, is a movie that is filmed in an awesome imperial palace. The empress and the crown prince have a romance. But the prince falls in love with the doctor's daughter, and plans to run off with her. While this happens, the emperor returns. And with his return, a plot starts, that will end with an indescribable end.

House of Flying Daggers,
in a bad political situation emerges a group of rebels called the House of Flying Daggers. There's an order to capture their mysterious leader. They catch one of their members: Mei, a blind warrior woman. Mei is fooled by one of the captains that pretends to free her, and accompanies her to try to capture her leader. In the middle of battles and fights, love will arise.

is based in the Shakespeare book "King Lear". The Japanese director Akira Kurosawa adapts this story to the Medieval Japan. A father decides to pass to their sons his goods and his power. In the moment that he tells his sons his will, there's a fight between them. The ambition of them all will mean the tragic end of their lineage.

Houzhe (To live!), by the great director Zhang Yimou (House of Flying Daggers, Curse of Golden Flower). It's the story of China from the 40s to the 70s, through the eyes of a simple Chinese married couple. It's based on a novel by Yu Hua.

The Eye, Mann was blind since she was 2 years old. Fourteen years later, she manages to see again after an operation. After regaining the sight, strange happenings begin to occur. It's a terror movie. Asian terror movies have become a classic for the fans of the genre. Their style has a special essence that is imitated in many movies, and even commercials, in all countries.

Takuro kills his wife when he discovers that she was unfaithful. Goes to prison, and there he adopts an eel as pet, to which he talks. When he goes out of prison, he takes the eel with him. He opens a hairdresser's. One day, he saves a pregnant girl from committing suicide. And that girl starts to work with him. He starts to find her very similar to his wife, and senses that life is giving him a second chance.

Shower, is an independent, tender and unforgettable movie. It's the story of a father and his two sons. One of his sons went to the town in search for fortune. The other, mentally handicapped, stayed with his father in a familiar business of traditional public baths. One day, the older son comes back to the village. Maybe he discovers that simple life has a special charm.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Li Mu Bai is a martial artist master that wants to donate his magical sword to his best friend. He asks Yu Sha, a warrior woman that he loves, to guard that sword until he comes back. But the sword is stolen. Is a movie with romance, adventure and fantasy.

The Seven Samurai, the inhabitants of a village of farmers are fed up of being attacked by bandits. So they decide to contract some samurais to defend them. But no one wants to fight just in exchange for food. Until they find a samurai called Kanbei, that decides to help them and gathers a group of 7 samurais. These men train the farmers so they may be prepared to beat the bandits.

Fist of Fury, without doubt Bruce Lee is an essential piece in the popularization of asian movies and martial arts cinema. Fist of Fury is about a martial arts student that finds his master dead. And decides to find the culprits.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Mystic Horseman said...

Hi Emma ! I like your blog so much ! And i love your t-shirts. I like to buy one, but i live in Brazil and i'm worried about the shipping taxes.

Best Wishes

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Mauricio for your comment.

Don't worry for the taxes. Every day I sell t shirts and other products to people all over the world and I hadn't any complaint about the taxes. Simply it uses to be the product price plus the cost of sending, which is not too much.

If you have some doubt you can also write to CafePress as they are who make the shipping.

Internet2k4 said...

I won't bore you with how I found your site, but as a photographer I suggest you take in the wonderfully visual and thoughtful trilogy of Seijun Suzuki (ignore his gangster films):

Yumeji (1991)
Kageroza (1981)
... aka Heat Shimmer Theater
... aka Heat-Haze Theatre
Tsigoineruwaizen (1980)
... aka Zigeunerweisen

You might like the dynamic rebel in Zigeunerweisen the best.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Internet2k4, for your suggestion, I will try to find these movies and watch them.

Kola Remaz said...

Your blog is really inspiring. I found it through Blog Toplist. As a lover of Asian movies, and an artist, and after visiting your blog, I was sure to find in the Asian movie list, Mizoguchi's movies "Sancho the Bialiff" and "Ugetzu". If you didn't watch them, please do.
Thank you for blog.
Kola Remaz

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Kola. I have not watched that movies you say, but I'm sure I'll do because I'm a great fan of Asian movies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,

A nice list of films!

I would suggest you adding some more excellent Asian films, such as Hero...

Anyway it is great site to visit again and again!

Thanks a lot!

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