Norwegian Fjords' Beautiful Landscapes

In those places where cold is very intense, the ice that was formed in winter is not melted in summer. So the ice accumulates in the mountains in big amounts.
Its own weight makes this ice roll down the mountain, like true ice rivers. This is called a glacier.

Sometimes this glacier continues advancing towards the valleys nearby to the sea. These glaciers, by their own strength, dig the earth on their way, until they reach the sea. Salt water melts these ice rivers. When the entire glacier gets melted, results in a valley flooded by water, surrounded by mountains that are incredibly sculpted with awesome shapes.
This is called a fjord.

In Norway there are many fjords. In fact, it has the second biggest fjord in the world: Sognefjord. This one reaches a maximum depth of 4,291 ft under the sea level.

Some Norwegian fjords are so rough and dangerous that the Norwegians needed to tie their livestock to avoid them falling to the abyss accidentally.

The lands that surround the fjords are very fertile. They are landscapes of great beauty and contrasts.

The Norwegians took advantage on the navigability of these waters to expand their commerce, and increase the communications between villages. It was not estrange to take a boat to go to the church in Sunday or to go to the market for shopping.

The Norwegian fjords have been listed by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites, due to their spectacular beauty. And this is because the Norwegian fjords are considered as the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.

The awesome waterfalls that are present in the fjords, the contrasts of being able to ski and swimming in their nearby beaches... with all this, it's not strange that the National Geographic Traveler Magazine considers that visiting the Norwegian fjords is one of the best touristic destinations in the world.

Norwegian fjords: one of the biggest wonders of nature.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Alejandro said...

Amazing pics and video. I love Norwegian fjords, maybe one day I will visit that marvellous place.

Best Regards.

Ronnie said...

HOw I love to visit those places XD

Have you taken those pictures yourself? Great blog here!


Greeneyezz said...

Emma -
Wow! Thos pictures are amazing!

The one with the boulder caught inbetween the other two...with the person on top, and the one with the reflection of the mountains in the mirror-like water are beautiful.

~ ZZ

Emma Alvarez said...

Alejandro, I would like visit Norwegian fjords too, they are really amazing.

Ronnie, no the pictures aren't mine. They are by excellent photographers.

Greenyezz, one needs to be very brave to stand over that boulder.:)

Greeneyezz said...

Emma - Yes, I agree, being very brave would certainly be needed to accomplish something like that.

I, for some reason, became quite thoughtful at your mention of 'Brave', because it brings to mind a myriad of ways that can be defined, and how someone can be sooo Brave in one aspect of their life, and so afraid in another.


Emma Alvarez said...

Now Greeneyezz you have let me thinking...

Greeneyezz said...


If I got you thinking, then that's a good thing! :)

They are all really beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them!



Emma Alvarez said...

The brave also have fear, but in pursuit of a goal, the ignore their fears.

Greeneyezz said...

Yes, I agree, very much so. I'm reminded of a quote:

"Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared."
~ Edward Vernon Rickenbacker

And a nice twist this little conversation has evolved into. :)


Gene Phillips said...

I really enjoyed this post and I love the images..Its a really pretty place.It looks like the kind of place thats filled with wonderful colors and charming inns..

Just the kind of place I need to go to get some rest & tranquility back into my life.. Nice Post!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Gene :) And come back soon.

Mark Antony said...

Beautiful use of lighting. Really great photography.

Best wishes, Mark.

Emma Alvarez said...

Yes Mark, great photographers who made this pics.

Wolf said...

very beautiful, very peaceful, I hope I'll be moving to live somewhere like that soon. :)

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