65 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

It's important to master vector graphics drawing. The images that you get don't loose quality when they are scaled. It doesn't matter if it has the size of an icon, it can cover a wall too, when talking about a vector graphic.

Don't forget that using Illustrator is good for your projects such as printing door hangers, business cards, and brochures.

Illustrator is Adobe's main software for vector graphics. Following, you have a series of 65 tutorials that will be your source to learn new techniques, or your source of inspiration and ideas.

(Click the images to go to the tutorials)


3D Drawings


Icon Design

Web Graphics

Logo Design

Text Effects



-Emma Alvarez-

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Tom K said...

Great round up, thanks!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Tom, and come back soon.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for putting these tutorials together in one place thats exactly what i wanted! nice site btw

http://haztelotu.wordpress.com said...

Muchas gracias por tu aportación!
Me sera de gran ayuda!!!

Kate 'details' Shay said...

i know it's a long time later, but thanks for doing this roundup! always helpful have tutorials organized.

Anush-Logo design said...

Good collection...I'll bookmark it..:) Thanks for sharing

Venta de piso said...

Hola Emma, me parece genial tu blog, si no tienes inconveniente quisiera hacer referencia a tu post.
Saludos desde Madrid.

Venta de piso said...

Emma perdona, no te dije desde donde, gloobs.wordpress.com
saludos de nuevo

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you all!!!

Omar puedes linkearlo sin copiarlo. Tampoco puedes traducirlo, ya que al fin y al cabo los tutoriales están en inglés. Lo correcto es que hagas una introducción explicando lo que es el post y linkees el articulo.

Venta de piso said...

ok, Emma, a eso me refería, muchas gracias y enhorabuena por tu blog desde Madrid ;)

Jean Hernández (Yethael) said...

Wow, Maravilloso, justo lo que necesito para aprender ilustrator, espero algún día poder hacer la alquimia de colores que estos diseñadores logran, eso te incluye Emma, Me encanta tu blog,... a marcadores va!

Felicitaciones por tu blog desde Venezuela.

Me said...

Nice site, thanks for sharing.but i was learing tutorial in only one site which is http://www.tutorials99.com
and yet this is also a good site to learn illustrator

kapris said...

My list of Illustrator text effect tutorials

Komunitas Surosowan-Tubagus Arief Zulfianto said...

A lot of thanks for this useful illustrator tutorial for me to raise my painting study skill.

incredibil said...

Thanks a lot! I have also found tutorials on http://www.legalo.eu

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