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Premio Blog Solidario (Solidarity Blog Award).

Some days ago, I received the award called "Blog Solidario" from the teacher Candida Gallardo from Seville:

Candi explains in her blog something that I agree with: the importance of giving cultural information that is entertaining, and sharing it. I think that the work that she's doing is important. She gives her students a new vision of Internet. So I am proud that she gave me this award.

As it is tradition I give the award:

- ENSEN-ARTE: A blog around the story of art and art lovers. Fun, entertaining, interesting...

- Exposiciones en Madrid: Culture in Madrid. Curiosities of art and History, a must-see for all those who wish to visit this town.

- Mas que modernas, contemporaneas: Culture, cinema, gastronomy... Enjoyable, and a pleasure for senses.

All those blogs are written in spanish language, but I recommend you to use some translation tool, as they are excellent.

Hours later from this award, Dan Hanosh gave me another award (LOL, I am a lucky girl):

I cannot explain better what is his blog about than Dan Hanosh's motto, which is: "Sometimes the simplest of thoughts become our strongest motivators and become the basis for change . . . that's why I'm a writer and a poet. To share their dreams and capture their stories."
I recommend you to have a look to his blog.

As it is tradition I give the award:

- Buddhism and India are always interesting topics for anyone that cares about oriental cultures. Keith Johnson tells everything you need to know in his site about all this.

- Hin's Photo Blog: Is a blog with many beautiful images that take us to see the world through the eyes of its writer, and charms our life with his deep thoughts.

- A Side Of Cartoons Please: Robbay entertains us with his daily cartoons. His characters are dinosaurs, animals and people in their daily lives. Hilarious, intelligent humor.

Congratulations to these bloggers. They do a very outstanding work, and I think that they deserve this award.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Hin Man said...

Thank you so much for the award. I have been your admirer to your blog, contents, thoughts, and great talent and diversity of interests. There is so much to learn from you and you have inspired me to greater appreciation of art and I owe it to you for the challenge and inspiration for a better post and the urge to explore many unfamiliar areas of Art and artists, and many interesting topics that is unknown to me before. Thank you!

Emma Alvarez said...

My dear Hin Man, few people are able to tell so beautiful words as you tell, even only once in his/her life, and you tell your poetry again and again. You soul is really great.

Juan Diego Caballero said...

Hola, Enma:
acabo dde leer esta grata sorpresa. Muchas gracias por tu comentario sobre ENSEÑ-ARTE.

Saludos cordiales
Juan Diego Caballero.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Juan Diego, and congratulations for your good work.

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