Cloverfield, A Different Catastrophe Film

I've recently watched Cloverfield. Maybe you have heard that Cloverfield is another movie about catastrophes in New York and a remake between "The Blair With Project" and "Godzilla", and yes, part of it is true. But Cloverfield adds a new vision to the typical movie about catastrophes. In this movie there aren't heroes, only common people. And it's about how a small group of friends feel that all around them collapses, and the only main thing is to continue alive.

The movie is a mix of several genres: science-fiction, terror, and action.

The movie has an hyper-realistic format. All is recorded through a home camera. Some things in the tape have been recorded before the day of the catastrophe, and appear as fast flashbacks between the action.

Rob will move to life in Japan, and his friends have prepared a party for saying goodbye. Rob's brother has an idea: to record the people of the party saying some words to Rob, so Rob could see the tape when he goes to Japan.

This way you can know some things about their relationships. But suddenly, a sort of earthquake happens. A big monster is in the city. They all run to the street. And you can see the stupidity of our times: everybody recording with the mobile the scene of the head of the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the street. You can see how crazy we are, recording from the most terrible and dangerous experience. The modern human, slave of his own technology.

The camera doesn't stop recording, and you feel the catastrophe in first person.

The movie has much action: it's fast, awesome, and the end...Well, you can image it.

What to do in such a situation? Run, save a loved person, care of your friends, going mad... Who knows?

-Emma Alvarez-

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evilunleashed said...

Thanks for your perspective on the movie. I have heard the description before of it being a disaster movie mixed with Blair Witch and Godzilla. My wife loves disaster movies and Blair Witch, and I love Godzilla movies, so this is probably right up our alley. I will probably go pick this up on DVD. Thanks again!

Emma Alvarez said...

When I went to watch the movie I hadn't a good opinion about it, but after watching it, I liked it.

Innocent Warrior said...

Hi, I liked the your concerns about the movie. Comment I liked most is "In this movie there aren't heroes, only common people".
I will definatly watch this movie this weekend. :)
Thanks again!!!

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